Drones: Peace Keeper or Terrorist Teacher Essay

Drones: Peace Keeper or Terrorist Teacher Essay

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Drones: Peace Keeper or Terrorist Teacher
Controversy has plagued America’s presence in the Middle East and America’s usage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) contributes vastly to this controversy. Their usefulness and ability to keep allied troops out of harm’s reach is hardly disputed. However, their presence in countries that are not at war with America, such as Pakistan and Yemen, is something contested. People that see the implications of drone use are paying special attention to the civilian casualty count, world perspective, and the legality of drone operations in non-combative states. The use of drone technology in the countries of Yemen and Pakistan are having negative consequences. In a broad spectrum, unconsented drone strikes are illegal according to the laws of armed conflict, unethical, and are imposing a moral obligation upon those who use them. These issues are all of great importance and need to be addressed. Their legality is also something of great importance and begins with abiding to the Laws of Armed Conflict.
Following the Laws of Armed Conflict is something the United States has been circumventing, bending, and breaking with the increase of drone use (Killmister). Drones are currently operating at a rate never seen before and are revolutionizing the way the military operates. With changes in military tactics there are also expectations in terms of the way these new tactics are used. Loosely defined, the Laws of Armed conflict consist of the way nations at war shall conduct themselves, how neutral powers are to act, and how neutral and combative states are supposed to interact with one another (Lucas). This being said, it is debated whether or not the United States is interacting with neutral states in a...

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