Drones Are Becoming A Big Deal Essay examples

Drones Are Becoming A Big Deal Essay examples

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Danger Drone

Today, more and more people are using drones. Drones are fairly new and so there are not many restrictions on them. For avid hobbyists, drones are a fun way to pass the time, however, criminals can easily manipulate drones and cause panic to the public. One concern of the public with drones is that drones have the ability to invade people’s privacy. The government uses drones to carry out airstrikes on suspected terrorists although it’s a useful tactic, the airstrikes can easily kill innocent civilians. Drones can be a fun way to pass the time, but in the wrong hands can cause a lot of problems. The government needs to keep a close eye on drones and put regulations in as needed.
Drones are becoming a big deal to an increasing amount of people today, “One U.S. marketing firm estimated that 4.3 million so-called consumer drones would be sold worldwide in 2015”(Gillis para. 4). Drones come in all shapes and sizes an can be purchased at almost any electronic store with price varying from around $50 to $5,000 depending on what type of drone that person is purchasing (Gillis) All 4.3 million of these Americans don’t plan on using drones for the same purpose. Since drones are certainly easy to obtain, it’s easy for them to fall into the wrong hands. A criminal is someone who could use it for the wrong intents and purposes. A criminal, who has easy access to the technologically, could use the device for illegal purposes such as delivering bombs, drugs and other harmful things. Drones can also invade people’s privacy by simply flying into their yards with nothing stopping them. Certain drones can be small and mischievous therefore harder to detect them making it harder to find out who is responsible for it (‘Copping a cop...

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...ng the suspected terrorist. Its important to note that drones don’t seize hard drives, organizational charts, strategize plans or secret correspondence, and the effectiveness of the drone is based on human operating. And humans are far from perfect, which just opens up a whole new door for different types of errors (Kurth).
In the world we live in today drones pose a imminent threat to the human species. Drones can be beneficial to us, but only with the right regulations and restrictions on them. Unfortunately for us, as a species, not everyone on this planet plans to use this to benefit society. Drones today can easily cause too much destruction and mayhem and can be deadly in the wrong hands. The government needs to add a lot of rules and regulations on drones to make them safe for not only citizens to use but for the government to use as well.

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