Drones : An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Essay

Drones : An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Essay

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Drones are quickly becoming more and more common among our daily life, as they are popping all over the place with everyone from amazon to real estate agents attempting to add drones to their arsenal in hopes of increase their business, but what is a drone. A drone is defined simply an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV for short (Rouse, 2015) and it can serve multiple purposes such as carrying objects in the case for amazon to use this technology to deliver packages and most drones now come equipped with cameras for better flight control and taking photos. Drones are now also becoming more appealing for recreational use as they are now becoming more affordable and people are gaining more interest as the world becomes more tech savvy. This paper however, is referring to the use of military drones, the difference between the military and commercial drones is military drones have a much wider range of control and can be used across oceans and can carry hellfire missiles, the military drones are also hard to see and silent. Military drones are regulated by programs with very little public information known about them and have a good acceptance rate in the united states for its drone program at “58% approval rating in favor of drone programs” (Maniam, 2015).
With the popularity of drones nowadays, it is not surprising to see positive opinions about the United States drone programs, as many of the drone strikes are not ever reported by most western news outlets. The use of military drones in the United States needs to be more regulated and monitored closely as I feel that the drone program, although having high approval rates people are being misled as the program shares very little information on the details of its use, causes mental stre...

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...rders of other nations to the United Nations Claiming “the intended targets all affiliated with al Qaeda in one form or another” (Mashable, 2014), this is concerning because the United States Justice Department said they did not need to have clear evidence that the target would act in the immediate future, which would allow the United States to breach Sovereign borders of other countries without clear evidence. In addition to this, there are also many other drones used for other recon and non-airstrike related purposes across the globe which can inferring on other country 's borders as well.
Finally drone programs cause a lot of issues which the United State government does not publicly state to us, as the information is not good, once again we if we compare drones to a ground forces unit taking out a target there is a large difference which comes from the fact that

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