Drone Attacks On Isis And Syria Essay example

Drone Attacks On Isis And Syria Essay example

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Stop U.S. Drone Attacks on ISIS and Syria
Today, the technological innovation of drones, has become an increasingly controversial topic. In the war against ISIS, and terrorist targets in Syria, drone attacks have replaced on the ground combat as the primary fighting mechanism of The United States Military. Evidence presented for and against the continuation of U.S. drone attacks on ISIS and Syria are both valid and compelling, but the evidence against U.S. drone attacks resonates more clearly with a humanitarian outlook, as drone attacks against ISIS in occupied Syria have concluded in multitudes of civilian injury and death. Attacks have also fueled tension and feelings of hatred towards Americans. On the other hand, drone attacks have allowed the United States to become emotionally disconnected to what they are doing in Syria and in the fight against ISIS. Drone operators have become immune and accustomed to the horrors of war, and return to their families unfazed. On analyzing a more domestic level, the drone program has proven to be too expensive. In culmination of this evidence, The United States Military should not continue drone attacks on ISIS and other Syrian targets.
From a humanitarian perspective, U.S. drones attacks are inhumane. The killing of unarmed, innocent civilians is widely swept under the rug. Referring to the just war theory, jus in bello, it is known that non-combatants and civilians engaged in activity they would normally be involved in regardless of war or not are not to be targeted. This being said, while supporters of drone attacks on ISIS may argue that drone attacks minimize civilian casualties, it is also true that “Hellfire missiles are far from precise as they have a "kill zone" with a 15-meter ...

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... attacks against ISIS are bloating the military budget, when in fact it was supposed to slim it down not the opposite.
The United States military has taken the easy way out with the implementation of drone attacks against ISIS and Syria to minimize its own troop casualties when there are numerous other humanitarian, domestic, and psychological factors in play. The allure and convenience of mechanized warfare has become too tantalizing, and has caused catastrophic civilian deaths in Syria, as well as only fueled Islamic terrorism and implanted fear, hatred and, resentment towards America into the minds of many Syrians. As drone attacks become more popular, the war on ISIS will remain an ongoing conflict, and inevitably become a never ending battle, where American soldiers hide behind the screen while killing civilian lives and creating a reign of terrorism each day.

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