Essay on Driving Under The Influence Record ( Dui )

Essay on Driving Under The Influence Record ( Dui )

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Three out of ten Minnesotans have at least one Driving Under the Influence record (DUI), and just when I thought it could not happen to me, it did! That night I was positive I could drive because I only had a few drinks, but then an hour later I was standing next to a police car. One of the officers asked me to blow into the breathalyzer; which I reluctantly said yes. As I blew into the breathalyzer; it beeped and 0.14 was shown on the LED display. The officer said, “The legal limit to drive is 0.08 and you are over the limit; you are driving under the influence of alcohol.” He asked me to blow again, but the alcohol level was not dropping so the handcuffs came on and I was on my way to the county jail.

Once I arrived at the police station, I was asked again to blow into another breathalyzer machine that looked like a computer. The officer told me I could refuse to blow into the new breathalyzer, but I would still have my license revoked for one year. I did not refuse; I agreed to blow into the breathalyzer. The alcohol level dropped, but it not drops by much. The officer smiled at me and cuts a little star on the corner of my driver’s license. I was told by the officer that my driving privilege has been revoked for six months and had to wait for a court letter to arrive in a few weeks. He then directed me to the “drunk tank” and told me to sit on one of the wonderful hard rock benches next to the other drunk drivers and sleep off the alcohol. After four insufferable hours in jail; I was released to await the consequences.

A few days after my arrest, I received multiply junk mail from vulture lawyers claiming they could help me out of my self-inflicted pain. I felt anxious waiting for my court letter to arrive. Finally, after a ...

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...ney to pay more fees. To reinstate my driver’s license, I was required to take a Department of Motor Vehicle DUI test and pay an $860.00 fee. In addition, I was on mandatory probation for a year; I had to pay a four-dollar monthly fee to be able to call and push a couple of buttons to confirm I was still a model citizen.

Overall, the fees associated with my DUI were not worth it. Not only did it affect me financially, but the excessive amount of time spent completing each component kept me from doing more important things. I had a choice to call a friend, a cab, a family member, or I could have just slept on the couch. I consider myself lucky in this situation because it could have been worse; I could have hit and killed innocent people and would have to carry that burden for the rest of my life. It’s a choice to drink and drive, and I made the wrong one that night.

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