Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Essay

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Essay

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Driving under the influence of alcohol has been a major issue in America, spanning all the way back to more than 50 years ago (Raymond). Many accidents are caused from drinking and driving yearly, resulting in thousands of deaths and injuries involving innocent people. When alcohol is mixed with driving a motor vehicle, there are no limits to who may be at risk. This means that drunk driving has been harming, hurting and killing many innocent people in America. Over the years I have witnessed many aftermaths of drunk driving accidents and have heard of multiple accidents resulting from alcohol use involving people I know, and people I do not know. Sometimes, in accidents like these, all parties involved may walk away from the accident with little to no injury, but unfortunately, this is not the case for every accident caused by the consumption of alcohol. With the social push to reduce the amount of drinking and driving, I must ask why some people ignore the dangers of this issue, and why do many knowledgeable teens and adults get behind the wheel intoxicated? Maybe these drivers are feeling invincible, experiencing adrenaline, trying to get home after a night out; they all may have a different reason but nothing that justifies their actions. For some, realizing the dangers of driving under the influence may take a shock experience for them to really open their eyes. Oakville High school (the school I attend) recently hosted a Mock Car Crash in order to recreate and demonstrate a scene of a car crash that has happened in real life. This crash involved alcohol use and was a gruesome scene; some viewers even had to leave because the event was overwhelming. I think this event really made an impact on my peers and the school made a ve...

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...only to see what the future holds.

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