Driving Distracted : An Analysis Of Cell Phone Use Essay

Driving Distracted : An Analysis Of Cell Phone Use Essay

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Driving Distracted: An Analysis of Cell Phone Use on Driving
Janine Graves
Argosy University, Seattle

This study examines the impact of cell phone use while driving. By including studies which use hand held, hands free and/or texting, this paper emphasizes that all forms of cell phone communication impairs drivers. Moreover, the research hi-lights that cell phone distraction can equal or exceed impairment caused by drunk driving. This paper further explores whether using a cell phone while driving is more likely to impair people differently depending on age and gender. Lastly this paper proposes a public policy solution while also uncovering specific areas that requires further research.

Driving Distracted: An Analysis of Cell Phone Use on Driving
Over the last several years, many states around the country have enacted laws aimed at limiting cell phone use while driving. Such laws are typically drafted following a horrific injury or death to a young person caused by cell phone use. Colorado, for example, enacted one of the very first of such laws following the death of a nine year old girl who was hit head-on by a woman on a hand-held cell phone. Similarly, in 2004, a Michigan woman ran a red light and slammed into a car which passed in front of her. Witnesses at the scene confirmed that she was not texting nor holding her phone. She was, however, having an apparently heated conversation on a hands-free device. Though both her hands were on the wheel and she looked straight ahead, she failed to "see" either the red light or the cars passing through the intersection in front of her. As a result, she did not brake, crashed into a car at 45 miles an hour, and killed a twe...

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...n imaging reveals drivers are distracted even if they don 't talk, Carnegie Mellon University.
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