Driven to Distraction by Technology

Driven to Distraction by Technology

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The past two decades have overwhelmed the human experience with technology, along with all its distractions. The direct relationship between the mind and the body’s ability to adjust from these distractions can be extremely difficult .Further research has shown that it has become an addiction for many. Technology has significantly improved our lives as a whole through experiences such as Global Positioning System (GPS), cell phones and social networking allowing us to communicate with different people around the world. These technologies make our daily lives easier and more efficient. However, this also discusses the effects of technology on various aspects of our everyday personal experiences both with each other and with the world around us. On the other hand technologies such as cell phones have become a problem in getting students to focus in class and distracting drivers and thus, resulting in vehicle accidents. Technology is beneficial, but can also become an inescapable distraction in our lives. It is important to view technology as having the ability to make our lives better or worse, yet also as having the ability to change our personal lives and behavioral patterns.

The use of technology makes our daily tasks easier, such as a better sense of direction while driving via a GPS, safety features in our cars such as Auto Drive and Auto Park. These technologies have made driving an easier and enjoyable experience as well as reducing our chances of getting into accidents. The research presented in the following article “Driven to Distraction [in car technology]” provided surprising conclusions. Professor John D Lee from the University of Iowa states the following issue: “Technology is changing very quickly. Many of these things coming into the car were not designed to be used in it.”(Edwards 8). He proves that there are a lot of in car technologies in today’s society that can demand our full attention without us even knowing, and can lead to tremendous consequences that can become dangerous distractions on the road. Satellite navigation (GPS) makes our lives easier because it can give us the correct directions to a desired address. This is unlike the past where the navigationally challenged would consider it a nightmare to drive to a new location.
Furthermore, there are many upsides that technology brings upon students by presenting new ways of learning where technology is being used in the classroom. Within the article “Cell phones in schools pros and cons” presented by Rujuta Borkar, the advantages of having a cellular phone device in school are through emergency contact, and having a cell phone for security purposes.

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For example, it shows that through emergency contact it puts parents in a position knowing that their children are safe, and that they can call them in case a serious issue occurs. Mobile devices can also be used as security precautions so that the child can be in touch with parents, but most importantly if something serious happens they can call their local hospital, close relatives, best friend, or have 911 on speed dial. Also if the student cannot copy down the notes in time it would be essential with the use of their cell phone to take a photo of the board with the notes on it. The students can also ask a friend what they missed during their lecture if they were sick on that given day (Borkar n.p.). In general the following evidence supports my claim on how technology has become beneficial by changing our behavioral patterns and relating it to the advantages it can bring upon students going to school. This is since it explains how these mobile devices can be an important issue in not only the classroom but in our daily lives.
As technology advances, “it has brought forth a revolutionary transformation in the way people communicate with each other” (Nah n.p.).These various methods of interpersonal communication have evolved overtime and new methods of communication come in the forms of electronic communication devices, such as cell phones and computers (Fenell n.p.). In addition, there are many great reasons to use technology, by the countless advantages it brings upon people. One of the main advantages of technology is the ability it has brought by staying in touch with people through social networking sites making society a more connected place. You also can talk to your friends at any given time and place specifically in the comfort of your own home. As Nah states: “We are more connected in today’s globalized world which has made it easier in our daily lives” (Nah n.p.). What he proves by this statement is that ever since we had the ability to use social networking sites, this has made us stay more connected. Therefore, technology has made an incredible impact on our personal lives and the way we connect with each other.
Even though technology is becoming beneficial to us and being viewed as having the ability to make our lives better through the following purposes like GPS and cell phones becoming an issue in the classroom. Also drivers being distracted while driving which causes them to get into car accidents, it has the ability to change our personal lives as well as our behavioral patterns. Technology has also made it harder to focus on particular tasks by overwhelming us with the understanding, interpretation and the constant flow of new information, causing us to have a difficult time of dealing with all of these sorts of interruptions, whether they are minor or major issues.
Although the use of technology in the classroom can have many advantages associated with it, there are also many disadvantages to consider. In Rujuta Borkar’s article “Cell phones in Schools Pros and Cons” explains through presented research that it was found that cell phones can not only become a disadvantage towards academic performance but can also have an effect on other in class situations. The overall point Borkar proves is that it shows that not only do students get distracted by the use of technology, but above all this is relevant to the teacher’s ability on teaching the lecture and the overall ability of the student’s learning as well. For example using mobile devices only for school and emergencies, students make illegitimate choices while on their phone by taking unnecessary photos and updating videos that raise endless questions. Also they may use their phone for the wrong reasons like participating in drug deals which can lead to serious consequences and even become death related. Finally, cell phones can be used as an opportunity to cheat on tests by either texting friends within their class, taking photographs from their textbook which can be similar to test material, and most importantly using the internet on the student’s phone as a useful tool. (Borkar n.p.) In general the following evidence supports my claim because it expresses how not only cell phone use in the classroom can lower the academic performance of students, but how technology can be very distracting at times and the need to block these problems out of our daily lives can be very difficult for many.
In addition, being distracted while driving cannot only cause the driver to be distracted from their initial task of driving, but also it increases the risk of crashing, and can cause fatal car accidents. In our daily lives like texting while driving is the “most alarming” (Statistics and Facts about Distracted Driving n.p.). This explains that texting while driving has become a common addiction among drivers, and that it is the most obvious thing drivers will do these days. The article “Statistics and Facts about Distracted Driving” presents astonishing facts. For example, the U.S. Department of Transportation found that being sidetracked while driving causes life threatening injuries and potentially death if not acted upon immediately. In particular, 20% of injury-related crashes involved distracted driving in 2009,the overall age group with the highest statistics of distracted driving were drivers 20 years and younger and an overall 16% of drivers less than 20 years old were involved in serious crashes related to distracting driving. Also, 13% of drivers between the age group of 20-29 years old who were involved in accidents had been distracted at the time (Statistics and Facts about Distracted Driving n.p.).
The main point of what this article proves is that while these numbers show a significant total of distraction related crashes it is important to deal with these issues in a safe manner depending on whatever age the child may be. The causes of driving related crashes caused by teens in today’s society are usually revolved around using their mobile devices to text their friends while driving, multitasking between changing to their favorite song on their portable walkman or Mp3 player. Also if there are additional passengers who are offering the driver food and drinks in the vehicle this can lead to them taking their eyes off of the road, but more importantly their mind off the task of what they’re doing. Therefore, “distracted driving is any non-driving activity a person engages in that has the potential to distract him or her from the primary task of driving and increase the risk of crashing.”(Statistics and Facts about Distracted Driving n.p.) What the article states by this is that it shows how driving while distracted is a serious issue where the driver is sidetracked by other tasks which cause them to get into an accident. To conclude, there are many factors in our daily lives that relate to technology but distracted driving can be the most lethal.

Consequently, it can be concluded that even though technology has improved our lives through the use of GPS, cell phones, and social networking sites. However, these technologies have been causing countless distractions on our daily lives throughout society for many by not being able to function in class, and by distracting drivers which causes them to get into accidents. Although technology has made our personal lives better and worse, all of these factors relate on how technology can become beneficial but on the other hand can cause an endless supply of distractions. Therefore, people should take advantage of technology advances and use it in benefiting their lives. On the other hand it is also our responsibility to expose ourselves by using these technologies correctly not only in our daily lives, but in our personal lives as well. Things should be taken into consideration, for example the way we handle ourselves in the real world relating it to our own personal experiences which cause changes in our behavior patterns.

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