Essay on Drinking Is The Act Of Drinking

Essay on Drinking Is The Act Of Drinking

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College is a time where a person can explore exactly who they are and develop themselves as adults. However there are many people that fall prey to certain stimuli that college can have. Alcohol has been such a staple of college that separating the two is nearly impossible. At UNLV there is a problem with alcohol that leads to multiple counts of violence and for some leads to death.
Alcohol consumption is a natural occurrence that happens throughout many people’s lives. One of the easiest gateways to alcohol has been through college. Many can get into the swing of things and find their limits with the stuff, however with others it falls into the more sever category of binge drinking. Binge drinking is the act of drinking more than 4-5 beverages (differing per gender and body weight) in quick succession. This leads to a multitude of things. One of them leads to a dependence on the drink. Suddenly having to buy extreme amounts of alcohol to get drunk or look cool to friends causes many problems with student’s lives. Some of these problems can lead to dangerous situations and permanent problems.
Alcohol without proper safety is almost guaranteed to cause an accident. With many colleges it’s the sole cause of many fights and accidents. One such college, Columbia University, has had a rise of 90% in violent crimes, 90% of rapes, and 50% of accidents being caused by alcohol. These numbers are skewed even worse by the fact that these polls were taken back in 1998. Now that there are more different types of alcohol and people are more free willed, these numbers could go up even more. At MIT, the worst had happened in which a person had suffered from alcohol poisoning and died on campus. The loss of life is one of the worst things that ...

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...ave set up in their dorms. Some have a strict no alcohol policy, which may help or it may not as the student doesn’t get the help they need. While others have a policy of no alcohol to minors, with consumption only being allowed inside the room. Action being taken is a vital step or else disaster happens.
If no action is taken to solve this problem, then many of these problems just get bigger with more lasting consequences. One death by alcohol poisoning can lead to five or ten. DUI’s could become more serious with a bigger amount of people being too drunk to drive. UNLV is progressive in its fight against alcohol. With many policies that not only fight the addiction, but help the students with the problems they have. Without that help, many people would be a lot worse off then what they could have been. Any help at all however slight is better than none at all.

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