Drinking Is A Worldwide Problem Essay

Drinking Is A Worldwide Problem Essay

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Drinking is a worldwide problem that numerous people participate in. In college, you are often considered “lame” if you don’t participate in the act of drinking, and other harmful activities, when attending a party. Most teenagers, and even adults, think it’s cool and fun to get drunk at parties. Alcohol is usually always involved when attending a party and many teenagers don’t think about the consequences while in action. Baylee Curran’s “Binge Drinking” PSA commercial informs teenagers of the bad consequences that can supervene after binge drinking. Curran uses sound, words, moving images, emotion, and logic to create an appeal to her audience that will motivate them to drink responsibly.
First, Curran chose to utilize sound and words, in the form of speech, to get her viewers to grasp the message and be aware of what’s going on in the PSA. The music playing in the foreground is a medium paced beat that fades out as the speaker talks, which is also in the foreground. The speaker is a man with a not so deep voice. In fact, the beat fades out as he talks so that the viewer is able to hear what the man is saying. Then again, Curran could have had party music playing in the foreground, but she chose not to because the party music would have taken away from what the speaker is saying and causes the reader to be distracted. Meanwhile, the drinker in the commercial is chugging the alcohol and the viewer is able to hear the sound of people yelling. The people yelling were the drinker’s audience, most of them yelling “Go!” They are pumping him up and encouraging him to keep drinking, even as the consequences pile up. Curran adds this sound of yelling in order to show the audience how drinkers let people get into their mind, getting the...

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...ce to feel sympathy for him. They will think back to the lady in the previous scene and wish she would’ve helped. This scene was also the most important and informative throughout the entire commercial. Curran appeals to logos in order to inform the audience of the results of binge drinking and what it eventually leads to.
Through sounds, words, moving images, emotion, and logic, Curran successfully motivates her audience to drink responsibly. Baylee Curran’s “Binge Drinking” PSA commercial vividly illustrates what not to do when attending the typical college party. The consequences that follow are horrific and could possibly lead to death. Curran intended to affect her audience in a way that they will not risk their lives due to excessive alcohol. After watching Curran’s commercial, the audience will realize that, overall, binge drinking is not worth their life.

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