Essay about Drinking Binge Drinking : A Huge Part Of The College Lifestyle

Essay about Drinking Binge Drinking : A Huge Part Of The College Lifestyle

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Drinking is a huge part of the college lifestyle. Understanding why students are motivated to engage in drinking behaviors could help to reduce drinking and the problems that arise from overconsumption of alcohol. In the past two decades there has been a significant rise in studies pertaining to binge drinking by adolescents as well as young adults, the definition of binge drinking varies (Bonar, Young, Hoffmann, Gumber, Cummings, Pavlick, & Rosenberg 2012). The purpose of the current study is to support the evidence that social factors have a big impact on drinking habits in college students as well as other motivators. There have been studies done pertaining to one specific area or based on the ways students define binge drinking, but these past studies don’t typically encompass all avenues together. According to Cooper most empirical evidence gathered has focused almost entirely on just two motives – to control negative affect and to achieve positive social reward, due to this limitation in past studies there is less information known about drinking to enhance good moods and drinking in order to ignore social situations (Cooper 1994). College students are a group that are at an increased risk for substance use, in particular alcohol misuse, even compared to their peers that are not attending college (Jasinski & Ford 2007). It is important to look at what motivates students to engage in such heavy drinking because it is associated with so many different negative consequences related to health, social lives, legal problems and psychologically – death, physical injury, assault, arrests/fines, relationship and academic problems, etc. (Martinez, Sher, & Wood 2014).
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Definitions of “binge drinking” vary across diff...

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...1.38 (SD = .61). Based on the results of Cooper’s study the four-factor model fits the data and the hypothesis that each motive is related to a specific drinking pattern and related consequence was supported. The current study was based off of the survey used for the participants in Cooper’s study (Cooper 1994).
Due to past research it is expected that coping is a smaller motivation in drinking habits and that social factors play a more significant role. However it is also hypothesized that college students in today’s society participate in binge drinking habits in large part for a variety of motives that include social, enhancement, coping and conforming. These four factors are for the most part largely responsible for the amount consumed by college students today. By using Cooper’s four-factor model it will hopefully support the hypothesis on a more modern level.

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