Drinking Alcohol And / Or Doing Drugs? Essay

Drinking Alcohol And / Or Doing Drugs? Essay

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Do you do drugs and/or drink alcohol, if yes, at what age did you begin to do so and where did this take place?
Why did you feel the need to participate in drinking alcohol and/or doing drugs?
Does the action of others, effect the decisions you make on a day to day event? For example, if everyone decided to eat a chocolate cake, yet you wanted the red velvet cake, would you feel obligated to choose the chocolate one, or the red velvet?
If you were in an elevator with around 7 people in it, and everyone was standing with their backs to the door, would you do the same or would you precede as you normally would?
If you were to see a man walking down the street wearing a dress, what would you think?
While growing up, what type of toys did you play with?
What type of sports did you/do you participate in?
What type of household chores or duties were given to you?

Questions: Why I chose them
I chose questions 1 and 2 to showcase how the effects student peers can sometime alters a persons judgement. In many cases of underage drinking and drug using, these children feel a need to be deemed as cool and in order to do so means to participate in such events. Questions 3 and 4, were more of a what would you do type of scenario. I felt that these two scenarios best exemplified how societal standards can make a person feel more obligated to do something that normally they would not. Questions 5 was a mixture of both the impact of socialization on society, and also the impact of socialization on gender roles. This question, tests the reaction of a person crossing the lines of gender roles. Questions 6,7 and 8 to show how genders stereotypes are created at such early ages, the different types of toys a person played with, what sports they par...

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...at children play with. In the answers that I received, the females were the ones playing with toys that were more female directed while the boys played with more masculine, or violent toys For example, the females would play with barbie dolls, and stuffed animals while the boys usually played with nerf gums, or Pokemon. Gender stereotype is also seen in the types of chores that are given to children. In this case, the female were given less straining chores like washing the dishes, cooking dinner, cleaning household items, or doing the laundry. While the boys were given chores like, taking the trash out, talking dogs for walks or washing a parents car. Therefore socialization is seen in the aspects of adolescents, society and gender roles and it is apart of who we are and how we live our lives, socializations makes us who we are, and without it we would not be human.

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