Essay on The Drinking Age Should Be Banned

Essay on The Drinking Age Should Be Banned

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Individuals use alcohol for various reasons; celebration, anxiety, peer pressure, sadness, boredom, insomnia and rebellion are a few. Teenagers fall under the class of these individuals. The drinking legal age is currently twenty one, however drinking illegal age is as low as zero. I can guarantee you the drinking underage rate would drop if the age is brought down. Underage drinking has turned into an epidemic all throughout the world, more so in the United States than anywhere else. I contend that the American drinking age should be brought from 21 down to 18 years old.
The United States has the most astounding drinking legalized age in the world. Just four other nations on the world have a drinking legalized age greater than 18. When an American turns 18 years of age, they should be considered an adult and should have the right to consume alcohol. However, the age of 21 is similar to having a three year trial version without flexibilities but all of the consequences of consuming alcohol. Indeed, even the president 's 19 year old daughter has been caught underage drinking (Ralph, 2003). The US government has had a past filled with forcefully controlling alcohol usage. In the 1920s, religious gatherings initiated the Prohibition movement, and even after Depression, individuals couldn 't get a drink when they required it most.
In the US, the drinking legal age for each of the 50 States and Columbian District is 21 years. The drinking age is 21 on the grounds that the forces that control our administration chose that when one turns into 21, one is mysteriously changed into a responsible individual equipped for taking care of the responsibility that accompanies the right to alcohol consumption. The age of drinking is too high in thi...

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...ile for a whole year. The other, who was 21, was obviously permitted to proceed without further impedances. The issue exhibited in this situation is an intense issue today and debilitates the very freedoms that make this nation so commendable (Ralph, 2003).
It is presumed that American young adults address these issues with their legislative bodies and policymakers. Changing the age of drinking is something that won 't come simple; a large amount of government funds lay on state confirmation and consistence to keeping a 21 year-old drinking age. In any case, it is imperative that active Americans comprehend their constitutional rights, and battle for an 18 year old minimum drinking age. No citizen should have the ability to fight in warfare, vote, and own property without being able to drink or buy alcohol. It is our responsibility to alter this longstanding dispute.

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