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The Drinking Age Act Of 1984 Essays

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Drinking and driving is a dangerous combination at any age. Everyone has something to do with the drinking age. Our grandparents or great grandparents were affect with the drinking age being 18 then being changed to 21. We now are affected because the drinking age is 21 and we want it to be 18. So whether it has to do with waiting until their 21 to do it legally, to drinking underage, and to fighting to get it lowered to the age of 21. This is because of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, which raised the drinking age from 21 to 18. The drinking age was once 18 and we survived.
On July 17, 1984 President Ronald Reagan signed into law that national minimum drinking age act, which withheld a percentage of highway fund from any state that didn’t raise the minimum drinking age to 21 ( Christensen, CNN). With the fact that if states didn’t raise their drinking age to 21 then their highways would be be cut due to not complying with the federal government and what they want to do. With raising the drinking age it has helped prevent the amount of students drinking at a young age. Since the law came into effect it has lowered the amount of teens drinking underage, and lowered the amount of people buying alcohol. The MADD
Our grandparents had the drinking age at 18 and managed just fine. Looking back on studies done since the National Minimum Drinking Age Act came into effect, it has not only lowered the amount of fatal crashes among teens, but it has also raised the amount of underground/binge drinking that occurs with teens on a regular basis. Before the drinking age was lowered to 21 the amount of fatal crashes that involved 18 - 20 year old was 61% in 1982 and when the law was raised to 21 it changed to 31% in 1995 (Chris...

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...e to do a lot of things. Like make child seats mandatory in cars, the last to accept money from the federal Women, Infant and children supplemental nutrition programme, let alone they were going to be the last to raise their drinking age from 18 to 21 ( Economist Intelligence Unit).
There are people all over the nation that believe the drinking age should be 21, but their are people right behind them stating it should be 18. With the facts about why the drinking age should be 18 and the fact that when you turn 18 you graduate from high school, then go off to college when everyone knows you will drink at some point. The law should be lowered to 18 or the states should decide on a drinking age for their states, because teens are off and making their own life at that age. Whether drinking choses to be a part of it should be left up to them not the federal government.

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