Drinking Age: A Personal Opinion Essay

Drinking Age: A Personal Opinion Essay

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Go to war. Vote. Sit on a jury. Sign a legally binding contract. Get married. These are all things you can do at the age of 18. Drinking. That's something you have to wait for until you're 21. I know that a majority of you already drink. Additionally, I know that you are all 16 or 17. Due to that, I'm sure you'd be thrilled to know you could drink in one or two years. I believe that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. Predominately due to the fact the government believes you are responsible enough to defend your country, but not responsible enough to drink a beer. Mainly because defending the country is beneficial to society.
Copious amounts of teenagers already drink illegally. So, why not just make it legal? Teens drink because, naturally, humans want what they can't have. "If you can't have something, you are drawn to it" (Engs). Also, alcohol is a self-medication; it "fixes" anxiety, depression, alienation, and/or despair (Dailey). Because of this, many teenagers could transform into regular, heavy drinkers. Alcohol is a part of college, and high school, culture. In college, alcohol is everywhere, easier to get, and harder to get caught with. Believe it or not, parents of teenagers may allow their children to drink. Possibly at special occasions, or maybe regularly. However, once your parents approve, it automatically appears to be socially acceptable. It may also be a part of their religion/culture. Once again, making it seem socially acceptable.
It's facile enough to get alcohol, even if you're under age. From fake I.D.s, to parents, to connections with people of age. Alcohol is everywhere in colleges, and most parties don't have any supervision. Also, fake I.D.s are not that hard to make and obtain. You may have t...

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.... The human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. Without the proper development of the brain, it can be difficult for one to judge the limits he or she has, thus leading to excessive drinking. Also, they cannot determine the consequences of their possibly fatal action which can in turn lead to excessive drinking as well. The other problem with the drinking age being 18 is that at the age of 18, most kids are still just trying to fit in. If everyone else around them is drinking, they're going to do it too whether its legal or not. Most high school and college students spend a lot of their time at parties, and most likely 9.5 out of 10 of those parties include alcohol where drinking games are highly encouraged. "If the brain doesn't fully mature until the age of 25 we should also raise the voting and military age to 21, we have to be consistent" (Hanson).

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