Drew 's Transition From A Career Essay

Drew 's Transition From A Career Essay

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I. Drew’s Transition
Drew is transitioning from a lucrative career into a career in Student Affairs. According to Goodman et al. (2006), a transition is “any event, or non-event, which results in changed relationships, routines, assumptions, and roles.” Drew’s transition is an anticipated transition, which means the transition occurred predictably. Drew is experiencing his transition within the context of work and personal relationships. He is sacrificing a profitable career and a luxury lifestyle to pursue a master’s degree in Student Affair. Drew’s wife will have to go without upscale material while Drew transition. If evaluating Drew’s transition from a short-term perspective, one may consider the transition negative. However, when looking at the long-term outcome, Drew’s decision to transition may produce positive outcomes. Considering Drew’s childhood, he will be able to easily adapt to a lifestyle change because he has not always been privileged to opulence.
Drew’s transition process depends solely on him. Goodson et al. (2006) believed a transition consisted of several phases, known as “moving in,” moving through,” and “moving out”, using these phases is essential to Drew’s transition. Drew deciding to pursue a masters in Student Affairs is considered as “moving in”. The school work drew does while pursuing the master’s degree is “moving through”. Once Drew obtains his master’s, he will begin “moving out” of the transition process.
II. Drew’s Ethnic Identity Development
Drew is a Chinese American male. While growing up, Drew watched his immigrant parents struggle to provide for his family. His parents worked hard to ensure Drew and his sibling received a good education. Drew never imagined living a lucrative life becau...

... middle of paper ...

...llege because of his limited income. Also, he wanted to avoid student loans. It is possible that Drew experienced intersecting identities with race, ethnicity, social class, and culture. As a Chinese American, Drew could have been racially minoritized. With Drew rejecting the dominate culture, it’s relevant to mention Kim’s Asian American Identity Development Model. Drew definitely experienced “redirection to Asian American Consciousness” and “incorporation” as mentioned in Kim’s AAID (Pg.110). As a child and adolescent, Drew was considered as the low-income/working class. After college, he transitioned into the upper middle class. As a minority, this transition is intersecting with social class. Being a part of the working class while in college encouraged Drew to work harder to ensure his future success. Which lead to him becoming a part of the upper middle class.

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