Essay on Dress Codes And The School System

Essay on Dress Codes And The School System

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“The purpose of dress codes is to reduce violence, improve behavior, reduce peer sexual harassment, and prepare students for the world of work” (Campbell). A strict dress code or uniforms have many benefits in the school system. They will protect students from bullies, and crime while ending distraction. More benefits of dress codes or uniforms are unity in the school and teaching students to dress properly and practice neatness. All schools, elementary, middle and high, should have a strict dress code or uniforms to keep students paying attention in school and to keep them safe.
Furthermore, dress code or uniforms are needed in every school, because if someone is not dressed properly, it can be distracting to other students. If a student comes in wearing pajamas, other kids will notice it. Other kids will also notice when a student comes in wearing inappropriate clothing that showcases drugs and alcohol (Lumsden 2). This distracts the students in class, making them not learn all the information that they should be at school. With a strict dress code, “Any type of grooming that in the professional opinion of the teacher creates a danger or distraction from the learning environment is prohibited. Students have the opportunity to change or be sent home to correct the problem.” (Campbell) Therefore, strict dress codes or uniforms should be used to prevent this form of distraction while kids are learning.
Coble 2
Distraction also happens when a student is not wearing appropriate clothing. It is sad that this has to be a thing, but if a girl comes in to a classroom with a dress that is too short or too tight, boys will stare. “And if schools really are worried about boys being distracted by the female form, the right school uniform i...

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...dress code is implemented. Their will be more bullying an crimes. However, dress codes are better then nothing at all. It is important to avoid inappropriate clothing that distracts learning and it is important to have a united school where kids feel they belong. More benefits consist of safety, with less crimes of stealing and trespassing.
“The ultimate goal is to maintain a school climate that is positive, ensures safety, provides a sense of community, and promotes respect for self and others.” (Campbell) Uniforms and dress codes are there to promote safety and unity. They also prevent bullies and fights while creating better citizens who will be prepared for their future. It is important to remember “Uniforms by themselves cannot solve all of the problems of school discipline, but they can be one positive contributing factor to discipline and safety.” (Lumsden 2)

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