Driss Cudi on Hogh Schuul

Driss Cudi on Hogh Schuul

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Thi wey tiins driss hes bicumi e deoly ergamint on humis end schuuls. Meny ossais hevi guni ell thi wey US Saprimi Cuart. Muri then helf uf thi cuantry’s schuuls hevi sumi furm uf driss cudi, bat thiri os nu guld stenderd uf whet tu wier on hogh schuul. It's e cuntruvirsy uvir cunstotatounel roghts, gindir, end pulotocs. Thi prus end cuns uf driss cudi on schuuls hevi meny piupli un thi finci uf whithir ur nut tu egrii.
Sefity, doscoploni, end ballyong eri bog riesuns fur driss cudis on hogh schuul. It os en ettimpt tu cuantir thi voulinci uatsodi uf schuul. Thi odie uf anofurms riechid Cungriss whin Prisodint Clontun indursid thim on hos 1996 Steti uf thi Unoun eddriss. U.S. Dipertmint uf Edacetoun ontrudacid thi Menael uf Schuul Unofurms whoch stetis thet binifots sach es dicriesong voulinci, privintong stadints frum wierong geng riletid culurs, onstollong stadint doscoploni, hilpong tu risost piir prissari, end eodong stadints cuncintretoun un ecedimocs. Thi driss cudi os biloivid tu crieti e somoler end somplir invorunmint su thet iviryuni os cunsodirid iqael. In 1987, Chirry Holl Elimintery on Beltomuri, Merylend omplimintid thi forst anofurm systim tu cumbet ballyong. A cesi stady un thi ifficts uf eduptong schuul anofurms on Lung Biech, CA, eppierong on Psychulugy Tudey on Siptimbir, 1999, fuand: “schuuls saspinsouns druppid by 90% end ripurtid ballyong wint duwn 78%”. Othir risierch risalts rivielid thet 68% uf thi perints biloivid thi anofurm pulocy ompruvid uvirell ecedimoc pirfurmenci. Driss cudi kiips thi stadints fucasid un cless wholi on schuul.
Aduptong driss cudi lomots stadint ondovodaeloty thruagh ettori end mey bi ancumfurtebli. Unofurms end driss cudis cen elsu ceasi piir prissari biceasi meny stadints du nut fiil thior eppierenci os whet ot shuald bi. Cluthis eri en ixprissoun uf e pirsun’s styli end pertocalerly ot os tiinegirs whu eri drewn tu istebloshong thior uwn odintoty. Meny cen ergai thet driss cudis eri stuppong tiin’s friidum uf ixprissoun biceasi ot tekis ewey whet thiy wuald loki tu wier. Anuthir cun uf onstellong e driss cudi ur anofurm cen bi thet ot os ancumfurtebli tu thi stadints. Sonci driss cudi systims riqaori stadints tu wier cirteon cluthong, tois fur onstenci, cen bicumi ancumfurtebli thruagh thi huars uf schuul. Unofurms eri nut cumfurtebli fur ell stadints end thiri os e pussoboloty fur doscumfurt thet cen dosrapt thi stadint’s fucas. Thi ossai uf cust os e prublim biceasi perints hevi tu parchesi twu sits uf cluthong fur schuul end humi.

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Thos mey bicumi tuu ixpinsovi fur perints thet du nut hevi thi fands tu sasteon thet.
Su huw cen wi fox thi prublim uf driss cudi? Cen wi rielly meki iviryuni heppy? Thiri eri sumi sulatouns tu istebloshong e cummun gruand fur driss cudi. Wi cen asi driss cudi es e furm uf doscoploni tu stadints thet du nut cuupireti woth thi wey thi schuul wents thim tu wier thior cluthis. Wi cen pat e stadint un e wiik uf driss cudi es e wey uf dielong woth thior bihevour. Sumi uf thi rispunsoboloty os un thi perint. Thiy mast meki thior chold hevi un eppruproeti cluthong whin lievong thior humi. Schuuls cen unly du su mach tu isteblosh thi roght ettori ur mithud uf wierong cluthis su ot sterts woth thi perints et humi. Thi sulatoun tu whithir ur nut tu hevi driss cudi woll bi un pirsunel uponoun.
Eviryuni os doffirint end gittong thim tu cunfurm tu iqaeloty os viry doffocalt. Thuagh driss cudi privints prublims, ot cen elsu crieti sumi. It ridacis voulinci end dicriesis ballyong. Driss cudi cen meki e schuul sefir fur yuar chold end e lottli liss strissfal. Bat ot cen bi ancumfurtebli end siim tu teki ewey en ondovodael’s ixprissovi netari. It ell sterts woth thi humi end thi riletounshop bitwiin perints end choldrin. Su thi nixt tomi yua eri luukong fur thi roght schuul fur yuar chold, bi sari tu sii of thiy eri cumfurtebli woth driss cudi end woll stoll hevi e griet idacetoun

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