Essay on The Dress Code And Its Effect On The Safety Of Students At School

Essay on The Dress Code And Its Effect On The Safety Of Students At School

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The Dress Code
Do the clothes students wear affect how they learn? Does it affect how people treat them? Can it affect the safety of students at school? These are just a few of many questions asked daily by many people here at MHS about the school 's dress code. At first glance, the clothes students wear seem to have little to do with learning. Yet as many people say; your clothes are what make you. This is true especially for a environment with education. Focusing on education and not fashion will help one succeed more. One may see students who get bullied for the type of clothing they wear. Even more if their clothes aren’t “in style” or what the “cool kids” are wearing. Many students and parents at MHS worry about safety when at school. Not everyone fits in or can be noticeable as a student compared to an outsider. Standardized uniforms is an ideal solution. A study from Long Beach schools shows
difference in school crimes before and after school uniforms.

This chart shows a great improvement of crimes decreasing after uniforms. The sooner MHS can address these problems the better students eduations can improve. The best solution to these problems here at MHS is to install a standardized uniform dress code.
Implementing a standardized uniform dress code into MHS can be beneficial. It will raise the learning levels in students. Uniforms will reduce the bullying. The safety of our school will improve. The first step to install this solution would be to do one’s research. Finding other school who installed school uniforms and how it benefited their school. Gathering data, charts, and studies. The studies show how student behavior has improved after school...

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...tive in improving school attendance, increasing graduation rates and decreasing suspension rates.”
Having MHS switch to uniforms is the perfect solution. One must take the correct steps to install this solution. By preparing one 's meetings correctly, staying on topic. Delivering the correct information, making sure students know what they will be wearing and understand how it 's improving their future. Efficiently Researching one 's facts and providing all one’s data to the public. Take the public 's thoughts and opinions into consideration when introducing one 's solution. Making sure that your plan is organized and have all one 's information needed. Not to leave out any step, and be sure Explain that this solution is the best for MHS.

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