Dreams While Sleeping and Reality Essay

Dreams While Sleeping and Reality Essay

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As one goes to bed at night, the body’s daily functions begin to change. The muscles relax, the mind lets go and sleep begins. This moment is where the real fun begins.
As the body sleeps, reality becomes replaced with the dream world, a fanciful place where the innermost being is found cowering like a creature vying to be freed. Some people have vivid dreams that are life-like; others cannot recall having dreamed. One concept is for sure, the dream world is one where the mind runs a free course. Images buried deep inside, thoughts avoided throughout the day, and unrealistic situations take hold. These images may turn into a peaceful dream of amazement and wonder, or they may take a frightening turn, dragging the mind into a state of horror and dread. The situations can become all too real, grasping at the outer edges of the mind, pushing the dream over the boundaries the body normally allows.
Sigmund Freud once suggested that dreams are the emotions that have been repressed and the desires, wishes and thoughts the sleeping mind wants released. His suggestion is just one of many theories about why people dream. Although other concepts have been proposed, dreams are seen as vehicles of which the human mind uses to find relief and rejuvenation in during the rapid-eye-movement stage of sleep.
As the images and scenarios form, one’s emotions become a promising technique the brain plays on, touching the core of an individual’s deepest desires. When one wakes, the dream may be remembered; it might be in bits and pieces, but the parts still contain the dream. With the memories of the dream, comes the notion of wonder as one begins to contemplate whether what was seen in the dream is really the desires of her heart and mind or if the...

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...to pinpoint the causing factor to my ex-boyfriend having sat in the same seat on the bus as I had the afternoon before I had the dream. Due to this cause, I began to look at how my daily life was affected during the next few days after the dream. By looking back, I was able to see that the effects ranged from guilt to confusion to relief. My daily life turned into a constant battle of reality versus imagination as I tried to hide the emotions I was feeling from those around me and deny any importance to the message the dream sent.
Although an individual believes a dream has no importance, statistics have proven that dreams can be sent as warning messages or messages of reassurance. The aftereffects of the dream can leave feelings ranging from foreboding to understanding to complete confusion. The only part left to figure out is how the dream applies to daily life.

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