Dreams Were Interpreted As ' Manifestations ' Of A ' Higher Power ' Essay

Dreams Were Interpreted As ' Manifestations ' Of A ' Higher Power ' Essay

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During prescientific days, dreams were interpreted as ‘manifestations’ of a ‘higher power’. Since the introduction of psychology, dreams have had 4 distinct interpretations. The first interprets dreams as a “liberation of the spirit from the pressure of external nature”. The second interprets dreams as “accidental disturbances from ‘internal organs’. The third interprets dreams as a foretelling of the future. The last interpretation is Freud’s. He interprets dream as an expression of subconscious desires.
He goes further with his interpretation. He compares dreams to psychopathological conditions since both refer to thoughts on a subconscious level, and thus decides to break down dreams through the process of psychotherapy. This process requires the dreamer to record the dream (on paper or to a therapist) “without self-criticism”, analyze the dream and draw a conclusion. To demonstrate this process, Freud records one of his dreams, which is given below:

Next is the analysis. The dream seems bizarre to Freud, since he only distantly knows Mrs. E.L. and feels no desire to strengthen their connection. To simplify the dream, he breaks it into elements.
The first element for analysis is the table d’hôte (company at table), which brings forward 2 memories. The first is of a conversation with a friend who had given him a free taxi ride home the day before. The friend compared the experience of enjoyment from the views out the taxi window but agitation from the taxi meter due to frivolous money spent to the experience of fine dining at table d’hôte. The second memory is of dining with his wife a few weeks prior, when he was angry with his wife for actively participating with a neighboring party he did not like rather than paying him her...

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...ith love, even though he expected love from his wife without cost, and causes an underlying guilt.
Compromise is a form of censorship that the conscious mind uses as a backup plan incase repression did not occur. Examples of this are forgetting fragment or a whole dream when waking up. According to Freud, repression and compromise are indicators of erotic desires in adults.
Lastly, dreams can be classified into 3 classes based on the realization of desire. The first class is of dreams that are not repressed or concealed. These are common with children. The second class of dreams that are repressed and concealed. These are common with adults. The third class of dreams are repressed but not entirely concealed, and are accompanied with an inexplicable feeling of dread (not pain or fear).
Thus, dreams function to remove our subconscious desire and ‘make sleep possible’.

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