Dreams, Their Meanings And Impact Essay

Dreams, Their Meanings And Impact Essay

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Dreams, Their Meanings and Impact

I wake while the outside is still dark, with a hazy feeling over my eyes. I realize the dream I had and suddenly my muscles tighten and anxiety and panic come over me. The reason is my mind is confused how I am alive since I died so precisely and horribly. This made me wonder how a dream could have so much impact on my life. How is it that I can feel death and yet be alive? How is it that a dream can cause so much panic? I then started my search for the answer of whether or not the dream I had as well as any dream had any foundation or not.

Story of the Search
Do dreams mean something hidden, obvious, or nothing at all? Possibly or it can be something else. Dreams have been around for centuries but for most of time, people have disregarded them. It wasn’t until Psychology developed from the insane asylum to the therapy room that dreams were looked on as something more than meaningless abstract images. I at least had one book to help lead into what dreams mean. Specifically on death dreams, their meaning for some “may relate to aspects of the dreamer’s own psychological life, or to a change in life-circumstances.” (Fontana, 99) I thought that perhaps I may be going through a big change so maybe that was why I had such a dream. But that still didn’t explain the severity of it. After reading into the book I soon found that often the intensity or severity of things in dreams determines the significance of their meaning. From that I gathered that the severity of mine from one point of view meant that I had an extreme change in something. As I read on my curiosity got the better of me so I read what other things mean in dreams.
As I read I learned that one can break apart every aspect of their drea...

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...re impacted by them. Another annoying part I found was the irrelevance of things I found. Some articles I went through only had the word dream in common and I wonder why that would even be considered something I searched for. As for the effect of dreams, sometimes dreams can be uncontrollable and physically can cause panic and anxiety. Sometimes dreams can merely be something we take as a negative feeling and are crippled by it. Another detail I have noticed is that interpreters can help reason as to why certain things appear in our dreams but the actual experience of our dreams is something only the one who has it can really remember and feel. The biggest thing to take away really is that people have some choice on how they interpret dreams and the impact dreams have on them and that you should take the best explanation and handling on your dream that you can get.

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