The Dreams Of Epic Of Gilgamesh Essay

The Dreams Of Epic Of Gilgamesh Essay

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The dreams in Epic of Gilgamesh resemble the poem as a whole. In general, they are a foreshadow of the poem. Gilgamesh and Enkidu both have dreams with strange symbolic images. These images are flowed into the poem as a very important message to the main characters. In the olden Mesopotamian days, dreams were important to people; dreams represented the future of their well being or their misfortune. It was another way of God sending a future hint to a person. Dreams are essential to these people, similar to the main characters in the poem, Epic of Gilgamesh.
The first dream occurs in Tablet One; Gilgamesh dreams about a rock that falls to earth. Gilgamesh tries picking the rock up, but was too heavy. This dream is described on page ten, in the epic poem, Epic of Gilgamesh, “Gilgamesh rose to relate a dream, saying to his mother: … ; ... [and you, 0 mother, you] made it my equal."” Gilgamesh’s mother, the goddess Ninsun, explains to Gilgamesh on page ten, ' 'The stars of heaven [appeared] above you …;... he possesses, his strength is as mighty as a rock from the sky. Like a wife you 'll love him, caress and embrace him, he will be mighty, and often will save you." Ninsun explains that there will be a man who is strong as a rock and Ninsun will create him as Gilgamesh’s equal. Ninsun goes on by describing how Gilgamesh will be attached to this man. This dream is an example of foreshadowing. In other words, this dream will be a description of Enkidu coming into play. The man in the dream is Enkidu; Ninsun adopts Enkidu and loves Enkidu the same as loving Gilgamesh. Additionally, Gilgamesh becomes attached towards Enkidu and becomes best friends with him. This dream was important to the poem because it introduces an important charac...

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...u dies on the bed. Gilgamesh is scared, at this point, and is afraid he might be next to die. In order to avoid death, Gilgamesh is persuaded on a journey to find immortality. Gilgamesh is later forced to live the rest of his life without being immortal. This dream is crucial to show how a main character, Enkidu, is being deceased.
Overall, these dreams, in this poem, are something like previews: they give you a taste of what 's to come, and they turn out to reveal what actually happens. Many of these dreams, experienced by Gilgamesh and Enkidu, serve as portents of future events. In addition to their function as foreshadowing, these dreams serve to underscore the notion of fated heroes with preordained destinies. These portents also provide insight into ancient Mesopotamian religious beliefs and suggest notions of predestination and the timelessness of the divine.

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