The Dreams Is Not A Big Deal Essay

The Dreams Is Not A Big Deal Essay

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Tarek came with their food and without looking at them, he said mechanically.” I hope everything is ok with the food. It is hot, so be careful. Let me know if you guys need anything else.” And he left without looking at them.
Kent and Rain were quiet, looking puzzled at each other for a couple of minutes and Kent busted out laughing.
“Don’t say a word, please!”
“My lips are sealed!” And now that they were done with item one, he can engage on item two.
“Rain, you said something about dreams. Would you like to share anything with me?”
“Hummm… The dreams… It is not a big deal, really… Don’t worry about it”
“Keep one thing in mind, Rain… Whatever concerns you, I want to know…”
“I know …. And the same here with you, Kent…”
“Yeah, but it is not me who is having dreams…” He said unmoved in his resolution to know about her dreams.
“Oh well…Here it goes… I usually dream about a white ginormous tiger and a light gray big wolf… There is also a mirror and when I look to my image I see the pupils of my eyes are completely white, which totally freaks me out! Can you imagine? My eyes having white pupils? Isn’t that crazy?” Rain blurted out talking without stopping and Kent interrupted her.
“Rain, you are not making sense at all…Can you please start from the beginning?”
“Oh, sorry…Yeah…Sure… Uh… Really Kent, it is nothing important…It is just a stupid dream.” No, not stupid, since there is a hot-gorgeous man showing up lately in her dreams… But she will omit this particular detail from Kent…TMI anyways…
Oh Gosh, she was getting wet only thinking about him, his earthly smell, his raspy deep and masculine voice…. No, no, no, naughty girl… You are not going there…Definitely not going there… She shifted uncomfortable in her sit.
“…Uh…the o...

... middle of paper ...

... the Pure. But she is long gone. Sorry to inform you that.” Kent grinded his teeth with the mention of Celine’s name. He really need to keep his cool with this witch for now. Later he can throttle her later.
“What is so special about this friend of yours?”
And wasn’t she astute as a being from the Falcon lineage could be?
“She is…my friend.”
“A friend? A guardian’s friend? Hummmm…. And are you requesting any differentiated treatment for this protégé of yours?”
Ah…Canny little witch…No wonder she had drove Fenry crazy.
“No special treatment. And she is not my protégé, Tarah. Just interview the girl, see if she can be of use for your coven and guide her through her transition.”
“Well…For a guardian calls a witch after this much long to kindly ask for something, it is because this something must be worthwhile of at least to check it out. What is her name again?”

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