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Dreams Are Never Out of Reach Essays

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The unified sound of chants from fans in the audience was echoing throughout the immense gymnasium as amateur Shawn Johnson prepared for her balance beam routine. As the crowd held their breath for every move, she performed with her entire heart. After her incredible dismount, she gave a smile of relief and satisfaction toward her loved ones in the stands. Her score put her over the top and guaranteed her a medal, but she did not expect her results to stand firm. The overall scores revealed Shawn as the gold medalist of the 2008 Beijing Olympics on beam (Shawn Johnson Height Bio, 2 of 3). Shawn Johnson’s skills and abilities are frequently described as daring –“bold and venturesome; audacious bravery”- (Pickett, 190). I intend to describe the daring, intense, and miraculous life of a United States Olympic gymnast of 2008 known as Shawn Johnson.
Shawn Johnson was born on January 19, 1992, in Des Moines, Iowa. There was a slim probability of her survival, for she was given a zero on a health and medical test that scores the infant’s skin, body, well-being, and other physical means at birth. She was a miracle child of Doug and Teri Johnson (http://www.listown.com/group/shawn-johnson-height-bio-24450). She is their only child. It did not take her long before she began climbing furniture and becoming a vigorous child. Soon, her parents recognized her natural athleticism (Shawn Johnson Fan Site, 1 of 2). After Shawn began crawling out of her crib, Doug and Teri realized that she could take gymnastics class, for the forty-eight inch height is the size of a typical balance beam. Shawn fell
in love with gymnastics; it engaged her interests (Cazeneuve, 35).
Shawn Johns...

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... still has humility although her population is grand! She wishes to contain a normal life, too (www.shawnjohnsonfan.com). “She has a spark. Everyone wants to watch her to see what she’s going to do next,” said Coach Chow. “She keeps you on the edge of your seat” (Cazeneuve, 35).
Certainly, Shawn Johnson is an enduring, daring, and intense gymnast that pushes herself to improve as a United States Olympic competitor. Young gymnasts around the world consider her their inspiration. Her loving, humble, and encouraging characteristics make her an admirable role model. She is legendary! To sum up, she relies on her gymnastics background for working opportunities (Van Deusen, 1 of 3). (www.gymnastics.about.com).

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