Dreams And Its Effects On Society Essay

Dreams And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Dreaming is an experience that has fascinated scientists and people for years. Although research about dreams has been limited in the past, it has improved tremendously in its field of science. There are tremendous individual variations of dreams when we are sleeping. In addition, cultural practices, sleeping arrangements, and general environmental conditions can influence people’s responsiveness to external stimulation during sleep.
Since the dawn of our existence, humans have wondered about the nature and significance of dreams. For many years, people considered dreams as experiences accumulated by the dreamer’s traveling soul or revelations conveyed to the dreaming individual from the spiritual world. Dreams are considered story like sequences of images occurring during sleep (Shiraev, Levy 105). There are two different types of interpretations of dreams. The first is Monophasic, this culture values experience that takes place only during normal walking phases. The dreams are regarded as an explanation of the dreamer’s concern. They can also be related the individuals fears and desires. Monophasic is typically associated with a material view of the world and is more “clock-driven.” This person is closed off from the world and those around them. The second interpretation is polyphasic. This culture treats the dream as a part of reality. Polyphasic cultures are usually associated with the spiritual or traditional view. Traditional psychological theories of dream interpretation pay more attention to the hidden content of the dreams. People sometimes seek help from therapists to understand the meaning of the dream. There are few physiologists that suggest dreams have no meaning to them. Others believe that during this altered s...

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... more likely to not remember their dream. That is because the dreams are very ordinary, and occur very often. Many different factors affect the way individuals dream. Dreams are very vulnerable to disruption from problems with the mental and physical health. Americans are more susceptible to depression and anxiety, which are often accompanied by nightmares. People who are depressed or anxious are more likely to have stressful, frightening dreams. These dreams are often recurring on a daily basis.
In conclusion, although there are different cultures all over the world, dreaming is a well-known concept through out. Scientists are now able to monitor people’s dreams to have a better understanding of why people dream, and what they dream about. Dreams not only reflect our private world of hopes, fears, and concerns but also mirror the environment in which people live.

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