Dreams And Its Effects On Children Essay

Dreams And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Have you woken up from an unusual or scary dream thanking god it was only a dream but then wondering why you had a dream like that anyway? Every night as we lay down to sleep our brains stay awake causing us to dream every night even if we do not remember. Researchers have studied dreams and their meanings for years and some believe they mean nothing and others believe there is reasons behind your dreams. Dreams are basically images or little movies our brain actively puts together while the rest of our body is sleeping. Dreams interest me so I decided to look more in to them and inform others more about them.
Dreams typically happen after about 90 minutes after you fall asleep and when you are in the REM cycle of sleep. When you sleep motor signals from the brain are in inhibited leaving the body paralyzed but the eyes still move back and forth as reaction to the dream happening. Even though the body is inactive during sleep the brain stays as active as it does during the day. Every night a person spends 2 hours of their sleep dreaming or in a dreamlike state. It has been proven that people do dream have dreams during non-REM cycles of sleep but those dreams are more low-key. The most active dreaming phase is actually right before people wake up.
There are 23 different types of dreams that people can have. There is precognitive, amplifying, and factual dreams. Precognitive dreams tend to predict the future using our sixth sense. President Lincoln supposedly dreamt of his assassination in a precognitive dream two weeks before it happened. Amplifying dreams amplify a certain trait about that person to help the person become more apparent to it. If someone was a follower, then they could dream of themselves following a heard of c...

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...g of being nude can indicate vulnerability, or insecurity.
They say it is important to remember your dreams. How to tackle life obstacles can be given to you if you try to get understanding of your dreams. Recurring dreams could be happening because of fan ongoing problem that is being ignored. If you remember a try to understand your dreams, you become more self-aware and increase your knowledge and self-healing
To conclude my paper, I’d like to share some interesting facts about dreams that I learned while researching on them. About 90% of our dreams are forgotten. Everybody dreams, even blind people dream even though they technically haven’t experienced any real life images or scenes. Dreams are based only on what we know and see in life. Not everyone dreams in color, some people dream in black and white. Babies do not dream about themselves until the age of 3.

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