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Dreams And Dreams : Jim Marsh Essay examples

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Dreams of Jim Marsh
Jim Marsh had many dreams and desires for his future. His dreams and passion would change seemingly as much as he change clothes. Jim’s plan was to become a mathematician. His dream was not teach, but to use math for measurements and solving problems. After a couple of years later Jim had moved on to the profession of helping people. A security job with G8, which provided tactical training and firing various weapon systems. Jim was the proudest man alive to do something that mattered. Mr. Marsh realized he had no one to share his happiness with. Jim prayed over 4 years for the lord to send him his soul mate. Jim dreamed that his wife would encourage him to follow his passion to save people.
Jim wanted to have a mathematics degree, because of the endless possibilities. He began to dream heavy about what math could do for him. So, in high school he started taking two math classes a year. When Jim was in the 11th grade, he studied geometry and algebra 2. Jim decided to repeat the action from 11th grade in the 12th grade. He studied Trigonometry and pre-calculus his senior year. At the end of his senior year, he had searched different jobs in the mathematics field. Marsh now was locked in on two financing jobs in Maryland. Jim had made arrangements with both jobs executive financial officers. Both financial officers are friends of his family. They promised him a job as long as he had a mathematics degree Jim became very excited and pictured himself living the happy life. After graduating high school, Marsh started to wonder if he could sit behind a desk. That summer Jim’s nerves were shot to pieces with the unknown.
One year after Jim graduated, his interest for helping people grew. The only way he knew how to d...

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...le. On June 8, 2011 Jim and Tatyana said their I do’s and became one. On June 30, 2012 they had their first child Maurice. After 5 years of marriage, Tatyana had become exactly what he asked for; supportive and loving.
Jim always knew he wanted to be great, but finding his purpose was the challenge. Throughout the 11th and 12th grade Jim pictured mathematics as his destiny. Jim even went as far as to secure a job before having a degree it was not until he graduated that he realized maybe this is not the career for him. He decided to take some time and search for a career to find him. When G8 hired Jim, he knew from the raging feeling inside he found his passion. Jim knew finding the perfect career was not everything and was ready to find love. He started to feel how cold and loud the lonely nights were. That is until he met Tatyana, the answer to all of his prayers.

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