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Dreaming of Paris Essay

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Wow! The amazing, beautiful, colored painting caught my eye as looked through the art gallery in the magazine. The wonderful looking spaghetti had my taste buds go go crazy while I was looking at the advertisements. The fresh smelling garlic bread made my mine go insane as I saw it sitting by the spegetti. The pretty looking building made me want to jump in the magazine. Yes, Paris is where I want to go if I could choose to go anywhere.
I always wanted to go to Paris since i was little just looking at the pictures in magazines makes me so mad that I never went there. Paris is known for there beautiful paintings they have many art gallery there. One of the paintings I saw was by a very famous artist named Marc changall. That painting is so old but it is so unbelievable that they still have it in gallerys. If I went to Paris the first place I would like to go is one of their art galleries. If your wondering why I would like to go there is because I love drawing. Drawing is one of my passions that's why I would like to go to a art gallery first. Also there art galleries have painting from the 1800 b.c. I would like to see that because I get to see how painting was made. That would be amazing to see that.
Also paris has the best food especially there spaghetti that is my favorite dish too. Just the smell of spaghetti gives me goose bumps. Im not trying to sound greedy but if i go to paris that's all im going to eat. Paris spaghetti is the best speggetti you could ever have. Most of the food they serve there is mostly itilian food. They have other food but the people up there would probaly not know some of the types of food we eat.
I also want to got o paris because they have very unique styles and culture. Paris has a ver...

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...Paris has alot of things in common because we both like art, fashion, and spaghetti. Also they have the largest bridge there but I want go on it because I am scared of heights the only way I go up high is to take a plane to Paris. Paris also has wonderful looking hotels. The hotel I would stay at is the hotel Graymont Opera Paris because it is so beautiful and up class.
Yes, Paris is where I would go if I could go anywhere in the world because of the art, food, historical landmarks and the sight of it. There is many other places I would like to go but Paris fits me best so that's my first choice. I always wanted to go to Paris since I was little and hopefully I can go when I get older with my family and friends. Paris is a very unique and beatiful place so when I go there someday im going to make sure to take alot of pictures to remember the beautiful state.

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