Dream Team: The Effectiveness of Teamwork Essay

Dream Team: The Effectiveness of Teamwork Essay

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Title: Dream Team

Teamwork has become more and more important in the past 200 years because of the growth of the societies and business organisations have created a context in which terms no longer work in isolation. The Dream Team refers to the outcome is greater and better then every team members can imagine, each member inspire others to bring out more different kinds of idea.

This literature I read described what is an effective teamwork and how to make the Dream Team. Firstly, we need a basic condition of a team which is including the team whose membership is easy and clear, which is of the right size, relative stable in membership and working in a task which requires teamwork. The team must have a overall purpose (team objective) and make it challenging which can adds value to the outcome. Also, the team needs right members with the required skills which can fulfil the right roles. Ideally, all team members should be enablers and not dereailers, it means that team members should help each other out instead of sabotage, undermine or obstruct the team function. In addition, a team leader is important for creating the Dream Team too, he/she supposed to inspiring and motivating each group members and recognise the skills of each team member has and apply division of labour to make the team more effective and efficient.

For my team, I totally experienced these conditions. We have a task which requires teamwork, our team objective is make our presentation well done, the challenging part is add in different idea about our movie value. Each single of us have a role of preparing and presenting this presentation. For example, I am the one who is responsible to do the research and presentation. Although we do not have a team lead...

... middle of paper ...

... have a positive mind, this is so important in teamwork. For example, I have been in a team which no one wants to do anything in the group because they all were not motivational and it turns out that I am the only one who did the job. Also, I appreciate that each individual of us have the right skill to fit in the right role, for example, more confident group members will present and face the audience while members who are better in typing and writing concentrate more in the research and the making of the powerpoint. In the next team work, I think I should archive the team quality management which said in the literature. It will make my future group be stronger and more effective.


Michael A. West, Effective teamwork [electronic resource] : practical lessons from organizational research 3rd ed. British Psychological Society and John Wiley & Sons, 2012.

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