The Dream As A By Marc Webb 's Film, 500 Days Of Summer And Gavin Degraw 's Song

The Dream As A By Marc Webb 's Film, 500 Days Of Summer And Gavin Degraw 's Song

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Love is undoubtedly a universal theme with numerous characterisations in different genres. David Solway illustrates unrequited love in his poem The Dream as agonising, bewildering and hard to accept by the use of ideas, perspectives and language. In a similar way, Marc Webb’s film 500 Days of Summer and Gavin Degraw’s song Not Over You expresses this representation of unrequited love through their use of ideas, perspectives and language. They effectively translate this representation of unrequited love in their genres in order to create an emotional response from their audiences.

By the use of poetic techniques, Solway successfully represents his unrequited love in the poem The Dream as bewildering and hard to accept. Through Solway’s figurative perspective, the reveals the denial and frustration you experience trying to preserve someone’s decaying love for you. The whole poem is a metaphor as it creates the illusion that the poet is experiencing a continuous and bewildering dream. However, Solway may be inferring that since his partner lost feelings for him, he has disconnected with reality and has to repeatedly “will himself awake” to accept the reality. The metaphor of dreams in this poem is successful in conveying the representation as the reader can identify with the confronting and bewildering nature of dreams and how it can relate to the confronting and bewildering nature of unrequited love. The poem’s spotlighted words “cease” and “dream” display the poetic technique of assonance as they share the same vowel sound and the repeated phrases “I dreamed” and “I willed myself awake” display the poetic technique of anaphora. As the phrases “I dreamed” and “I willed myself awake are constantly repeated, the reader can forget i...

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... returns to her. This metaphor was strategically chosen by him as it unveils a bewildering response from the audience and it allows them to identify with his unreturned feelings. The song Not Over You successfully conveys the representation of unrequited love as agonising and bewildering as a result of Gavin Degraw’s manipulation of musical elements.
As a closing remark, by the use of ideas, perspectives and language, David Solway successfully illustrates unrequited love in his poem The Dream as agonising, bewildering and hard to accept. In a similar way, Marc Webb’s film 500 Days of Summer and Gavin Degraw’s song Not Over You expresses this representation of unrequited love with paralleling techniques in order to create an emotional response from their audiences. Secondary students, I hope you loved this seminar, although, be cautious as it may not love you back.

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