The DREAM Act: A Better Life Essay

The DREAM Act: A Better Life Essay

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About half a million children are born to undocumented immigrants every year. These children are not given the opportunities that they so rightly deserve. They spend their entire lives in the United States and are considered illegal immigrants. They are given no choice, but to live their life as an undocumented immigrant. That is what the DREAM Act is trying to solve. The DREAM Act, or Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors is a proposal that would provide permanent residency to undocumented immigrants who meet certain eligibility requirements (The DREAM Act). If the DREAM Act is approved, then the education will be improved. It will improve the economy, the military will receive a significant increase in recruitments, and the lives of undocumented immigrants will thrive.
Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch first introduced the Dream Act on August 1, 2001 (The DREAM Act). The purpose of the DREAM Act is to help undocumented immigrants have the opportunity to enlist in the military or to attend college and have a path to citizenship (The DREAM Act). In order for these immigrants to be able to be eligible, they have to meet five requirements. First, they must have entered the United States by the age of sixteen. Second, they must have been present in the US for at least five consecutive years prior to enactment of the bill. Third, they must have graduated from a US high school, have a GED, or been accepted into a college. Fourth, they must be between the ages of twelve and thirty-five at the time of applying. Lastly, they have to have good moral character (Basic Information About the DREAM Act Legislation).
If the DREAM Act passes, it would have such an important impact on the economy (Miranda). Passing this bill will make...

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... Act is trying to solve. The DREAM Act needs to be passed because if it is, it would improve America’s economy, higher the levels of education, improve the military’s recruitments and readiness, and give all these undocumented immigrants the life that they deserve.

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