Drastic Change: Coming to School in Vemont Essay

Drastic Change: Coming to School in Vemont Essay

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Ever wander about what change felt like? Sometimes change is past due for an update. Growing up surrounded by cities and making the decision to come to school in Vermont is a drastic change. They say change is good. You have to find the best in change. It is almost like finding the positives even in the worst of any situation. Maybe it is because I am a freshman and am not used to change and the differences in the two locations, but I try to be as positive as I can while I am here at Norwich. Norwich is located in Northfield, Vermont. Not many people have even heard it back at my hometown in Hudson, New Hampshire. The way I look at it being in this situation there are more cons than pros. Even though students enjoy the location of Norwich University, the weekends are uninteresting, you need a car to go places, there is nothing in Northfield, and it is cold.
Being surrounded by cities, mountains, and rural areas, I have come to the realization that some students enjoy the location of Norwich University because of the mountains. The mountains provide a scenic view for the university. Pain Mountain, which is parallel to Norwich University, is an overwhelming mountain to gaze into during the evening especially after a stressful day of classes. Gazing into the mountain and sunset that seems to set right above the mountain is very relaxing and just right then and there you seem to forget about everything. Feeling a little adventurous? The mountains are perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Many students travel to Sugar Bush or Killington. Both mountains are a fair distance away from Norwich, which requires students to stay there the whole day and enjoy the slopes. After realizing that the mountains are a majority part of why students e...

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