Dramatic Shift in Live Performance Strategies Within Digital Environments

Dramatic Shift in Live Performance Strategies Within Digital Environments

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Initial Title: Dramatic shift in Live Performance strategies within digital environments

Alternative titles:

-Evaluating performance methodologies through the use of different media
-Synchronicity of visual and stage mediums and their impact on performance

Questions to explore:
1. The use of alternative media within the structure of live performance in order to represent parralel realities
2. The concept of space and time of the different mediums.
3. People’s perception of reality has changed. Therefore, the creative arts need to adapt to the shift by communicating on various platforms and combining modes of expression
4. The importance of reviving stage productions and creating new forms of artistic products
5. Possible ways of unifying live audience experience with passive spectator identification
6. One stage, one story from different personal perspectives combining various techniques and media
7. Is there a way of combining the modes of expression and experiences of Cinema, Theatre and Television?
8. Performance styles and their relations to text, audience, space and medium
9. Multimedia storytelling on stage: Multi-dimential story with non-linear format (different parts of the story told using different media)

The aim of this PhD research paper is to explore the role of the performer within existing stage, film and Television media in relation to the emerging digital and virtual platforms. While the contemporary digital environments stipulate the necessity to merge live performance with technology and to re-evaluate the spatial relationship between actor and spectator, there is nonetheless the need for the performer to redirect his/her focus on moral responsibility and personal integrity as an artist...

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...ctor Prepares. Redwood Burn Limited: Great Britain

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Braudy and Marshal Cohen, Oxford University Press: London

Directed by Liz LeCompte.
Developed with Jeffrey Shaw for his interactive panoramic cinema (360).
Commissioned by EMPAC, the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [USA]. Produced by EMPAC together with the UNSW iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research [AUS], and the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media [D] and in collaboration with The Wooster Group.

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