Drama With Domestic Drones: United States Utilization of Unmanned Aircrafts

Drama With Domestic Drones: United States Utilization of Unmanned Aircrafts

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The evolution of technology has been apparent throughout history. Humans consistently prove their capability to expand in the efforts to improve efficiency. For each new technological advancement critics always raise question of moral implications. This occurred with new machines such as the automobile and airplane. Recently, technological advancements have made it possible to control a machine, called drones or unmanned aircrafts, from a different location to perform various actions, usually consisting of military missions. As history has shown, the recent use of drones by the United States government has created questions as to their implications (Singer). On the other hand, another drone topic has also risen to the surface. The use of domestic drones and the effect on the civilian population is also at question, and continually debated between leading experts. Implementing drones for domestic and government use both have direct negative and positive implications, resulting in a controversy which questions whether they should be permitted. Despite these debates, current research and analysis shows that the use of drones should not be permissible by the United States government and civilians.
According to the Opposing Viewpoints Collection on “Drones”, the United States government has been engineering drones since World War I, however the use has increased drastically since the war with Afghanistan. The once primitive machines are now being built with the intention of disarming and surveying enemies. A major increase in drone development occurred after September 11th, and these machines have been used against suspected terrorists ever since (“Drones”).
Peter Singer, director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intellige...

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