Essay on Dragons: A Global Phenomenon

Essay on Dragons: A Global Phenomenon

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Human idealism has been the spawn of hundreds of mythical creature’s, crafting representations and symbolism with each new beast. Creature’s became the living embodiment of values that were held highly, often falling into folklore that involved human interests. One of the most globally used, and recognized creatures’s in our history is the dragon. A creature that not only appears in a variety of cultures, but has individual symbolism and traits attuned with each. Even today the idea of what is a dragon can differ from each individual. While most people in the modern day believe that all dragons are fire breathing terrors, it is a misconception of the idealism behind dragons. Dragons have taken many forms from fire-breathing monsters, to the divine spiritual bringer of wisdom and rain.
While dragons are cemented into today’s pop culture, where did the idea of dragons actually originate? While the English name of dragons originated from the Latin word dracon, which stood for serpent (All About Creation 2). General appearances for dragons usually consisted of metal tough scales, razor sharp talons, and the ability to fly (Spring Skylar). While the true origin of dragon’s and their naming, what is different about dragons is how each culture took the beasts to be their own.
In our society, the idea of the evil fire breathing dragon is the dominant trait attached to dragons. Western civilizations often took dragons as embodiments of the evil in human qualities (Cite C). Dragons possibly gained this trait of villainous motives from the living style of snakes, creatures which often were used to symbolize the Devil (Cite). Often appearing as antagonists against hero’s; they were the difficult goal one had to overcome to achieve a ...

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...ds, but in the palaces and homes of humans. While western dragons presented the evil of the world, and the trials needed to overcome them with strength; and eastern dragons were the protectors of the Chinese people (Layton Robin). They fell into the realms of mythology like many other creatures, all crafted to symbolize something of significance in human thinking. Unlike the rest, they crafted an identity alongside humans, one of their very own that was unique to them alone.

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