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Dragon Rider: Fredgar Essay

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The night was going to be warm; already it was evening and still quite hot. The sun created a
wonderful display in the sky—it had turned it all golden and peach colored with a few gray streaks
of thick, fluffy clouds. Florine hadn't been able to convince Viral to come, and continue Armaila
and Perpulas training. Armaila was sorry Viral hadn't come, even though she now trusted in
Florines ability to do a fine job.

Florine sat by the cooking fire—she was sharping her sword. Armaila hadn't noticed her do that
since the Captron. Her golden hair was allowed to hang loosely, yet it wasn't tangled or dirty.
Armailas own hair needed washing—she had placed it in a long braid down her back to keep it
from being in the way.
“What is it?” Florine asked softly.
Armaila wasn't aware she had been staring—she was thinking about the conversation between
Viral and Florine.
“Nothing.” She replied.
“It looked like something to me.” Perpula added.
Thanks a lot, trader.
Your welcome. Perpula replied with her mind—she smiled with her cat like eyes. Armaila decided
she should tell Florine she had overheard.

“Last night I woke up... I heard you and Viral talking.”
Florine paused briefly with her sharping stone.
“How much did you hear?”
“Enough to known the Viral isn't just some old man you know. And I heard you call him father.”
She set her sword and stone down.
“It is true that he is my father. I am an Altor—half Human, half Fairy. I was born like a Fairy, and
I look like a Fairy, but my strength is weaker than a Fairy, though still stronger than a Human. As
for Viral, it is not my place to say.”

“His sword, the one my aunt and uncle were using, it looked like mine, and you said it was made
for the next Rider. Is he,...

... middle of paper ...

... destroying our homes.”
Armaila thought she saw a look of shock and fright on Florines face. She spoke to herself in a low
“So, they have come this far...” She was silent for a while.

“Fredgar, where are the rest of your people?”
“In the west mostly. I am one of the few that has left in search of a new home—though I haven't
seen anything we suited to use yet.”
“You may tell your people you will be welcome with the Fairies until you can find a new home; I
know our races have had difficulties in the past, but you will be welcome.”
That is very king Florine.” the creature bowed.
“If you don't mind, I will travel with you for a
while—you are heading westwards, aren’t you? That is where the rest of my people are.”

Armaila wonder why Florine was able to make a decision as important as sheltering whole race
of people without consulting her own race.

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