Dr. Wallace 's A Candid Article On The Irrational Fear Of Black Bodies Essay

Dr. Wallace 's A Candid Article On The Irrational Fear Of Black Bodies Essay

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In 2014, Dr. Wallace Best wrote a candid article for the Huffington Post discussing what he deemed as the irrational fear of black bodies. The context surrounding this critique stemmed from the surge of black men dying by white police officers. In the article, Dr. Best provided historical insight into this deeply rooted, unwarranted anxiety that white Americans have used as probable cause to commit violent acts against blacks, as well as systemic control over black men as a means of protection to maintain societal order. With this assertion, Dr. Best offered a critical analysis in understanding the fanatical need to preserve ownership over black movement due to this ubiquitous threat of black skin and the African American male. However, what he neglected to explain was this same type of proprietorship that has coated the black female body and its movement for many years.
Since the first Africans set foot in America in the 1600s, newly emerged Americans, particularly white males, took control over the black woman’s body, her movement and identity. From the earlier forms of fetishizing over Saartjie Baartman in Europe, the dehumanization of black women as “mammies,” to Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s controversial Moynihan Report in 1965, African and African American female identity has been under the direct possession of white people. White Americans have continued to define the black female’s position within society by creating her narrative based on inequitable economic and societal conditions as well as gender norms that have outlined what it means to be a “true” black woman. Her behavior and body has been examined [and understood] through her direct contrast to white women, her role in supporting the white race and slavery and abi...

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...er’s children and home only to leave and perform the same type of duties for their own families. But Mocha Moms do not have to care for someone else’s children because they are able to devote majority of their time to their families.
They have also not been reduced to just working as domestics in gendered roles before opting out of the labor market, which was confirmed by their national president, Kuae Mattox, who worked as a journalist and news producer before becoming a Mocha Mom. She worked in a field that was not typically considered to be “female labor” like domestic, secretarial or ‘emotional work’ such as nursing. This rise in abolishing the limits that gendered work placed on black women broke from traditional domestic roles that shows a significant distinction between the Mocha Moms and previous ideals of black women workers and their role in the family.

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