Dr. Wahls, A Functional Medicinal Approach For Common And Uncommon Neurologic Syndromes

Dr. Wahls, A Functional Medicinal Approach For Common And Uncommon Neurologic Syndromes

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Dr. Wahls is an outstanding woman who found a Regimen to help her combat her horrendous diagnosis of Multiple-Sclerosis. The imperative building-block to each and every Cell in one’s body is Mitochondria, and the lack of this substance may result in the improper construction of Cells and/or the total-loss of Cell-Creation. With that Diet that has been presented, a person suffering from Multiple-Sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, as well as many other Neurological-Disorders that one may fall victim of.
However, a person does not have to be stricken with such an illness to reap the benefits of following this Dietary-Plan. For instance, say one’s Brain has started the process of atrophying due to such a Disease, by consuming key Nutrients such as: Fish-Oil, Creatine, and Co-Enzyme Q10 will aid in preventing further Neurological damage, thus, Neuro-Protection is key to maintaining a sound Mind and Body. The definition of Neuro-Protection is, “A functional Medicinal approach for common and uncommon Neurologic-Syndromes.”
Furthermore, in addition to protecting one’s Brain, we must also take into consideration the protection of Myelin, which acts as insulation for the “wiring” within the Brain. Failure to protect Myelin can lead to the catastrophic destruction of the protective-layers that surround each Fiber, which in turn, may lead to the extreme vulnerability of the Brain-structure as a whole. Ways in which a person can protect the Myelin is by administering a proper dosage of Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-9, Vitamin B-12, as well as Omega-Three Fatty-Acids to oneself on a daily-basis. By doing so, the Myelin becomes more robust as it causes each and every Myelin encasement to strengthen. In addition to protecting that va...

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...Money from less Physician’s-Office visits, less Pharmaceutical-Expenses, as well as having preserved a sound Mind and Body.
After Doctor Wahls followed this regimen for three-months, she had re-gained her ability to walk with the aid of two-canes. After month Four, she was able to walk freely throughout the Hospital with this use of only one Cane, and was able to ride her Bicycle for the first time in a decade of not being able to do so the following month. By the ninth-month, she was able to complete an eighteen-mile Bicycle-Marathon in her local Community, and was able to take a tour through the Canadian-Rocky Mountains via Horse the following year… Which was the first time she was well enough to ride a Horse since before she was stricken with this Disease. In the end, no one knows what Tomorrow holds… Choose to make Tomorrow a better, brighter, and HEALTHIER Day.

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