Dr. Stevin Gehrke 's Lab Essay

Dr. Stevin Gehrke 's Lab Essay

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Upon arriving as a student at the University of Kansas, I immediately took an interest in numerous extracurricular activities and organizations. I established myself as a leader in multiple organizations, including my role as vice president in the Biomedical Engineering Society, the Professional Development Chair for Theta Tau, and as a founding father for Beta Sigma Psi. I have fostered important skills through these organizations. I consider myself a flexible team player, and a positive influence for each of these groups. I have also enhanced my written and verbal communication skills as a leader among my peers. These organizations provided crucial experiences for the development of my professional career, but I found myself needing more. I have found enjoyment and success in my classes, but I was eager to apply my knowledge. I sought out positions in various research groups on campus, and I eventually pursued an opportunity to partake in undergraduate research involving hydrogels and their characteristics in Dr. Stevin Gehrke’s lab.
In this lab, I create and characterize various polymer-based hydrogels by way of click chemistry using multiple crosslink wavelengths and times as well as varying concentrations of different monomers, polymers, and photoinitiators. I perform mechanical assessments that include measurement of swelling degrees and compression testing to determine various moduli for characterization of gels. I perform these assessments to determine the most suitable gels for biomedical uses, such as cell encapsulation and drug delivery. It has been my first real opportunity to utilize my passion and skills for important and relevant advancements in the scientific community. I have learned about the importance and im...

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...mind, and I consistently find ways to overcome challenges. The personal qualities that I have mentioned as well as my recent experiences at the University of Kansas have provided the necessary tools to tackle any new task. I fully intend to learn as much as I possibly can to develop as not only a student, but as a person. I believe that I will achieve great things, and I fully expect to attain my goals. I have confidence in myself and what I can accomplish, and I know that I possess the skills, the drive, and the persistence to become successful in research. I am eager to work with my peers and mentors in future projects, wherever they may be. I ask for the opportunity to expand on this basis at the University of Akron and take another step forward toward a career in biomedical research. I sincerely thank you for this opportunity and for your time and consideration.

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