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Dr. Roger Lambert is a professor at a Divinity school, with many years of experience and even experience in ministry as a pastor of a church before he married Esther (Updike, p. 161). Dale Kohler is a graduate student, who studied computer science and is only twenty-eight years old where Lambert is fifty-three years old (Updike, p. 19 and 280). Both people, have their own experience, talents and beliefs that help form their thinking and their creation of theories. I disagree with both theories even though they both have years of experience that led them to believe what they believe but as a Adventist, I do not agree with some of the aspects in their theories like ‘hidden God,’ intelligence or subjectivity and so on. I do not believe that God wants to be hidden from humanity but wants to be apart of humanity but because of humans hiding God that’s why God is hidden. In Isaiah 59:2, it states “But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you, that He will not hear” (KJV).The prior quote shows that God does not want to be hidden but because of our sin, we cannot see God’s face or have an intimate relationship with Him; our sin is hiding God from us. Also, I disagree with the intelligence and subjectivity because I think anyone could formulate a relationship with God and an understanding of the Bible through faith and communication with God. In Proverbs 8:17, it states “I love those who love, and these who Seek me diligently will find me, (KJV). The earlier quote shows that anyone could find God, whether you are rich or poor, uneducated or educated, everyone could find God if they seek hard enough and a person does not need intelligence or subjectivity to seek God. I agree with D...

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... (Updike, p. 209-217). Personally, God does change people both emotional and physical and that anyone could understand the Bible and God, by having faith because there is many people in this world that do not have an education but can still have a relationship with God and an understanding of the Word. Overall, the book was good, it was written well and the main theme of the book was correct according to their background because people’s background play a major part formulating people 's belief and theories.

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