Dr. Rank And Love For Nora Essay

Dr. Rank And Love For Nora Essay

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3a. What do you think Dr. Rank contributes to the play? If he were eliminated, what would be lost? In your answer, consider his inheritance from his father (how is it relevant to Nora’s inheritance from her father?) and his love for Nora (what does this tell us about her?).
Dr. Rank, at first, does not seem like a very extraneous character that can help move the plot forward, due to his status, his economic wealth, and his profession. However, there is no more to the dynamic of the character, other than his disease and love for Nora. Dr. Rank, to me, is an added character to just make the story of the play more interesting, and he gives Nora more options for actions. However, his character, solely looked upon, does not express much depth nor does he employ a lot of action that is for upmost importance for the plot of the play (Nora turning down his money because he professed his love and told the truth about his disease might be an exception to this theory).
Everything that Dr. Rank does in the play, which again, is not much, does not fully interfere with the plot of the play. He is in love with Nora, but Nora is married, which insinuates that that probable relationship has no way in any shape or form to progress. He also has a fatal illness, which in the end kills him, and then he is never spoke of again. Torvald even expresses in Act 3, “His suffering and his loneliness seemed almost to provide a background of dark cloud to the sunshine of our lives.

Well, perhaps it’s all for the best. For him at any rate. And maybe for us as well, Nora. Now there’s just the two of us,” and soon after this line they begin to argue. It makes me question whether or not Torvald and Nora really considered Dr. Rank as a friend, or as a friendly ac...

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... if it was a contaminated insect. Torvald did not appreciate the crime she committed, even though it saved his life. He was only concerned about his reputation and his job. The letter he read started the squabble of Act 3, and until he realized that the problem had been dissipated, he still was only concerned that “he” was saved. Seeing this selfish behavior, and knowing that Torvald would have, essentially, thrown her under the bus for his own safety, showed Nora that she was nothing more to him but a doll: an object that he merely tried to control. That is when she decides to leave. The children were left there because I believe she knew what hardships were up ahead, and trying to take care of children would not have been the best for them in that situation. There are plenty of housemaids, nurses, and funds that Torvald can provide for them, making them better off.

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