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As a scientist, Jekyll also could not resist the temptation to attempt to separate the characteristics that made a person good and evil. He had long observed the dualities of Victorian society and seen how allegedly good people would take a piece of information regarding a misdeed of a fellow man and blackmail him so the knowledge would remain private. Instead of succumbing to this societal flaw, Jekyll wanted to determine for himself if good and evil could be separated inside of the mind of one human being. One of the taboos of science, regardless of what era a person is analyzing, is that a scientist never experiments on himself (Towheed 89). However, Jekyll ignores this taboo as he had several others to engage in his own vices and decides to use himself as a guinea pig to test his theory. Following is a portion of his letter outlining his own feelings about experimenting on himself in the name of science.
I hesitated long before I put this theory to the test of practice. I knew well that I risked death; for any drug that so potently controlled and shook the very fortress of identity, might, by the least scruple of an overdose or at the least inopportunity in the moment of exhibition, utterly blot out that immaterial tabernacle which I looked to it to change. But the temptation of a discovery so singular and profound at last overcame the suggestions of alarm. (Stevenson and Dury 80)
This passage demonstrates the overwhelming level of commitment Dr. Jekyll had to his research, even knowing that his own health and mental well-being were at stake. It was too much of a temptation to prove his scientific theory correct that he made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of science. With that said the question then becomes what sacrifices...

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...tecting the good doctor’s standing in the community. This is an action that is typical of someone who is protecting others from the consequences of having a mentally ill person running loose on the street trying to cause as much problems as possible (Towheed 90). Appearances were everything in society, as outlined in the following passage.
And indeed the worst of my faults was a certain impatient gaiety of disposition, such as has made the happiness of many, but such as I found it hard to reconcile with my imperious desire to carry my head high, and wear a more than commonly grave countenance before the public. Hence it came about that I concealed my pleasures; and that when I reached years of reflection, and began to look round me and take stock of my progress and position in the world, I stood already committed to a profound duplicity of me. (Stevenson and Dury 51)

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