Dr. Germain 's Play, Freud 's Last Session, By Freud And Lewis Essay

Dr. Germain 's Play, Freud 's Last Session, By Freud And Lewis Essay

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Coexist eternally? Today, an emerging belief is that all paths, all religions, lead to the same place. Everyone takes their own way that satisfies and works for them, but in the end all will be together in a perfect realm. While this may sound appealing and nice in contrast to the totalitarian view, meaning one truth, it is impossible for this to work. In St. Germain’s play, Freud’s Last Session,” Freud and Lewis both make absolute truth claims that completely contradict each other. It is impossible for these exclusive claims to both be true, and they clearly end in entirely different places. While both men make compelling arguments, Lewis’ argument of moral codes proves to be the most dangerous and strongest argument.
Lewis makes many compelling arguments that poke holes in Freud 's philosophy, all of which have major consequences. Lewis’ strongest argument, however, is his claim on the existence of moral codes. World War Two is being fought right outside their window when Freud claims that religion is an excuse for the war. Lewis states that accepting that moral law is at work is the first step. He points to societies throughout history: “Moral codes have existed throughout time. Tell me one civilization that admired theft of cowardice. Mankind has never rewarded selfishness”(13). The idea that all cultures view theft as wrong even those that are completely atheistic, point to a higher being that created these moral laws making this argument extremely dangerous to Freud’s philosophy. The argument is brought back to the war as Lewis asks if the Nazis are right in their selfish actions after Freud claims, “selfishness rewards itself” (13). Freud replies no revealing the truth in Lewis’ claim to a higher degree: “So there is a mor...

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...ne making it severely dangerous to Freud.
Freud and Lewis, an atheist and a Christian, have entirely different worldviews leading to their opposing perspectives on most of life 's questions and issues. Despite their differences, Freud and Lewis were able to disagree in a civil manner. Both men set a good example of how to disagree disagreeably as they truly attempt to understand the other’s perspective.While both men did this well, Lewis’ point on the existence of moral codes proved to be the strongest and most dangerous argument discussed throughout their conversation, as it points to the existence of a God. At the end of the day they come to realize that trying to solve the world’s greatest mystery is impossible, but one can learn many things from their argument about how to approach those with different beliefs with a humble and understanding attitude.

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