Dr. Gene Kamena 's Right And Lead Assessment Model Essay

Dr. Gene Kamena 's Right And Lead Assessment Model Essay

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On a warm San Diego night in May of 1988, not smart enough to know whether I should be scared or excited, I embarked on my military career standing atop yellow footprints neatly painted on the asphalt. As an eighteen year-old kid entering recruit training, the finer points of leadership, at any level, had not yet piqued my curiosity. The drill instructors who supervised my training placed far different leadership expectations on me than what I will face as a colonel in the Air Force. Having learned a lot, good and bad, along the way, I realize that I must adapt to make good decisions and effectively lead at the senior level. Dr. Gene Kamena’s Right to Lead Assessment Model (RLAM) provides a handy, visual means to think about leadership, and assess how one can grow as a leader. Using the RLAM, I can concentrate xxxxxx My current leadership skills and abilities have enabled me to thrive at the tactical and operational level; however, in order to succeed in the increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment found at the strategic level, I’m committed to bolstering my character through strengthening my family relationship, increasing my competence by stretching myself, and improving my personality building professional relationships and personal relationships.
Without a doubt, I have made many poor decisions during my twenty-six year military career, but I sleep well at night knowing that I always strived to put people and my organization ahead of my own interests. Positive character traits, formed over a lifetime, have helped me earn the trust of the people I work with and allowed me to inspire them to accomplish the mission. I know now that putting my interests on the back burner also meant negle...

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...ost of us have to work at it. By build on my leadership foundation character by spending quality time with my family, building competencies by working outside of my comfort zone, and tuning my personality through fostering relationships, I will better prepare myself to lead in a VUCA environment at the strategic level; not only in the military, but in anything I choose to do. To stay on the right track will require self-assessment and reflection. One of my goals while attending Air War College will be to strengthen those aspects of my leadership abilities that will allow me to continue leading above the RLAM red line and contribute to the Air Force as a strategic leader. If at the next higher level I am unable to be relevant to the people that work with me, the organization I work for, and the environment my organization operates within, it’s time to move on.

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