Essay Dr. Flint Behaviors And Wakefield Acts

Essay Dr. Flint Behaviors And Wakefield Acts

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Dr. Flint behaviors and Wakefield acts are extremely unhuman, abnormal, and antisocial. Live life like a sensible person is the best way of accepting humanism. To regard others feelings, emotions, and respecting other ideas and view led an individual in right direction of life. Despite of education, common sense would play a vital role for one to be sensible and a real human. Further, it would be a better idea to be morally well established rather than an evil. A man should physically, socially, and mentally fit in the society as a good always. It is certain that, immorality sucks in every stage and development process of life. Recognizing the deeds of human being is crucial in indivuadility. Slaves have to obey everything their masters wants them to no matter what makes life valueless for them. On the other hand, although a master is human as well; however, lack the humanity in many cases (Jacob 921). In case of Wakefield he only cares about his own freedom and leaves his house and wife; which results that he is so brutal in providing love and emotions to his lovely wife. Some of the cases in that story were evil way of dealing with human beings (Wakefield 1125).
Jacob’s plays significant role of human domination in the entire story. The rights and duties of the slaves is totally violate during that time. Moreover it is about cold and unmerciful heart of the wickedness of the rich people to the slave. Jacob’s mentioned, “The next morning, a message was brought to me: “Master wants you in his study”. I found the door ajar, and I stood a moment gazing at the hateful man who claimed a right to rule me, body and soul (Jacob 923)”. It is worthless to live a life that has been trap under a cage, which is impossible to get out of it ...

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...fection for two decades even though she is dying to pursue it. Also, there is loss in the intimacy between loving couples and evolve of negative relationship between them that adversely affect the society. On the other hand, a husband tends to live freely from his living wife and friends; therefore, he enjoys the freedom for long period of time. Wakefield not only pays no attention to his wife, but also wants to live freely from her is wrong choice of his.
All negative deeds have drastic change over time and love which definitely results in positivity. With patience and struggle every single individual can achieve their goal one way or other. Human being living in a society should distinguish right or wrong then only one can be consider as a civilized. As human being is a highly civilized animal in the society; therefore, he/she has to fulfill the duties precisely.

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