Essay on Dr. Emmett Miller 's The Health Care Paradigm

Essay on Dr. Emmett Miller 's The Health Care Paradigm

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Based on the video, analyze the main points presented by the narrator concerning issues and problems inherent in overall health care in the U.S.
According to Dr. Emmett Miller, the health care paradigm is wrong. He says 80-90% of health issues are the result of lifestyles, stress and relationships with other people. He states the health care system treats the symptoms, when in fact the correct approach should be to determine and treat the source. Miller says we band-aid the problems instead of getting to the heart of the matter (Health, 2011).
Miller believes healing comes from within and nature does the rest. He created a new approach to healing in the 1970’s called Guided Imagery. Guided Imagery is broken down into four components: 1. Deep relaxed state, prayer meditation, or self-hypnosis; 2. Access your inner healing resources; 3. Using your creative imagination to create your desired goal; and 4. Writing a new script for your future (Dr. Miller).
Ascertain whether the narrator’s views are in sync with your opinion of 21st Century U.S. health care. Provide support for your rationale.
I agree with Dr. Miller to some degree. While I do believe there are lifestyle choices we make and stress can contribute to illness, I don’t believe we are sick strictly because of our lifestyle, stress and relationships. I also do not believe we can cure ourselves with Miller’s four step process of Guided Imagery only. I think there are other things to be considered. First of all, I believe outside of congenital, genetic and environmental our diets play the most significant role in our health issues. Our number one culprit is sugar. Too much sugar causes our bodies to become insulin resistant which eventually causes Type II Dia...

... middle of paper ... doing for healthcare and determine which plan will work best for the U.S.
2. Set up a meeting with the president of the U.S., cabinet and all appropriate state heads. Share my vision and have the attendees review three model health care plans. Creating an atmosphere of being inclusive and allow them to vote on a new plan will hopefully lead to increased cooperation amongst the leaders and the people.
3. Have another meeting with insurance companies and medical boards. Advise them of new plan and the role they will play to promote equality for physician reimbursement and quality patient care. In other words, physicians will not receive lower reimbursement because the patient is a recipient of ACA or Medicare, likewise each benefit package will be the same.
4. The plan will be income based.
5. Establish a roll out date for an enrollment period and effective date.

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