Dr. Efraim Is A Nazi Hunter Essay

Dr. Efraim Is A Nazi Hunter Essay

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Dr. Efraim Zuroff is a Nazi hunter who started the organization Operation Last Chance which focuses on punishing Nazi war criminals while offering monetary rewards. Dr. Zuroff writes about his experiences as a Nazi hunter in his book Operation Last Chance: One Man’s Quest to bring Nazi Criminals to Justice which came out in 2009. (Dr. Efraim Zuroff OPERATION LAST CHANCE) The Houston Holocaust Museum invited him to come speak to the community on November 23, 2015 to discuss his experience as a Nazi hunter. Dr. Zuroff is not only a Nazi hunter but, also a historian and throughout his speech he often referred to the history of the Holocaust and how the travesty is presented in different countries. Dr.Zuroff did not use much technology throughout his speech however, he did tell stories that related to many of the theories presented in the media portion of the textbook. This paper will analyze how Dr. Zuroff introduced the concepts of cultural studies theory, the spiral of silence theory, and agenda setting theory as they relate to the Holocaust.
According to West and Turner (2013, p. 439) “cultural studies is a theoretical perspective that focuses on how culture is influenced by powerful, dominant groups.” Dr. Zuroff came to the museum to talk about his experience so, he told the audience a lot of stories about things he has witnessed as a Nazi hunter. One of the stories was centered on Dinko Sakic who was a Croatian leader who was responsible for the execution of thousands of deaths during the Holocaust. Dr. Zuroff was in Croatia in 1998 while Dinko’s trial was under way. It just so happened that during this time the World Cup was underway and Germany was playing against Croatia. Croatia ended up beating Germany and Dr. Zuroff and ...

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...me he was committing the killings instead the media promoted how important it was for Croatia to remain true to the people who look like themselves. Agenda setting theory is a tool to only focus on what the media sees as important.
All of these theories point to the simple fact that majorities hold the advantage in the media while the minorities suffer. Dr. Zuroff is a product of that suffering and because of that he wants to educate people on how his minority group has suffered and how people who have hurt them need to be brought to justice. When watching this presentation I learned that these theories are still valid for things that occurred during World War II. The media presence has grown since then but, the control of the media is the same. Dr. Zuroff was able to show how cultural studies, spiral of silence and the agenda setting theory apply to the Holocaust.

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