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Dr. Charles Lee 's Life Essay

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I still remember the look on the dean 's face, Dr. Charles Lee, as he stood up and took a bow just after my medical degree was bestowed upon me. After years and years of work, and applying to medical school after school, I finally had it. There was nothing better. If only my friend was still alive I could 've helped her then, but I know at the very least she’d be proud. Now I could help other women just like her, the ones too embarrassed to go to a male doctor.
To begin, the journey there wasn’t so easy. After growing up in a home where education was very important I grew to always strive to better myself, to gain more and more knowledge. I grew up in England where my father stressed the importance to both my siblings and I, that we continue our studies and work hard to be the best that we can. My father was a kind man that really cared for his family, social refinement, and both religious and no-nonsense education. He was a sugar refiner, and in 1832 we moved to New York. There he set up new refinery. In America, the realities of slavery became very real and our father gave up sugar as well as all of us, in order to protest. Soon after that, our family attended many slavery fairs and also participated in abolitionist meetings. I couldn’t help but agree after hearing all the stories and feeling that slavery was wrong.
Soon after, in 1836 the refinery burned down and my father decided we would move to Cincinnati, Ohio to pursue his idea of cultivating sugar beets. Several weeks later, my father grew ill with a terrible fever, and passed away. He left us in a lot of debt, so soon after that me and my sisters, Anna and Marian started a school and after converting from Episcopalism to Transcendentalism the school received a much ad...

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...world to know about not only the physical but mental development of girls. I wanted them to know that girls were just as good, if not better than boys.
After that, I opened a clinic soon after that, and later on an institution. Around that time, I became the first woman on the British Medical Register. I also helped to form the U.S. Sanitary Commision in 1861 with Abraham Lincoln’s endorsement. I was very proud and thankful to have a part in doing so. A few years later I opened another school, a medical school for women. After that, confident in the staff and the students there, I returned to England. There, I set up yet another practice and started giving lectures at the London School of Medicine for Women. I liked to look back on my life, hoping that I made a difference in the lives of many women, much friend I made the promise to long ago. I knew she’d be proud.

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