Dr. Beverly Wall For The Board Of Regents Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award

Dr. Beverly Wall For The Board Of Regents Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award

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It is my pleasure to nominate Dr. Beverly Wall for the Board of Regents Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award. She is being nominated by the President, her peers, staff and students for her altruistic support of Charter Oak State College. Dr. Wall’s has distinguished herself at Charter Oak State College as an outstanding leader and teacher. Beverly Wall has been a member of Charter Oak’s core faculty, serving on the History and Humanities faculty committee, since 2004. She served as chair of that committee from 2009-2011. She was also a member of the Academic Council. As an Academic Committee member, Beverly was responsible for supporting the development of policies and procedures; and the establishment of requirements and academic standards for Charter Oak State College programs. She continues to serve on the Academic Council as an appointed member.
Dr. Wall often goes the extra mile for us and for our students. We needed a writing exam designed for one of our students because of special circumstances. She did an excellent job of both designing the exam and of providing excellent feedback to the student. Beverly took the leadership role to redesign our English concentration to better align it with current trends in English/Literature, and she represented Charter Oak as a member of the English/Literature TAP committee.
The Cornerstone Seminar is a course that supports a liberal arts requirement and is an academic requirement for matriculated students. This course provides students an opportunity to practice their critical thinking, research writing, interactive digital communication and other writing skills necessary to succeed in their academic program. Beverly’s experience as a Director for a writing center and Assistant P...

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...oordinator of our PLA program describes Beverly as “being always prepared, having high academic standards, and providing fair and detailed assessments.”
Beverly also has graciously served on student hearing panels when recruited by the Dean of Faculty. In that role she is always objective and fair. The feedback I have received from the chairs of the hearing panels is that she comes well prepared and asks the right questions.
Beverly is a faculty member we, and the students, can always count on to do an excellent job. And what I like about Beverly is that if she can’t do something she lets us know so the students or the college are not left hanging. For example, I had asked Beverly to serve on the general education committee for English. She let me know right away that she had already too many commitments for that summer giving me ample time to find someone else.

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